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3-14-19 Snow Updates

Posted on 03/14/2019
3-14-19 Snow Updates8:00 p.m. update:

Current Weather Conditions: The skies have parted and winds have calmed. Cold temperatures will settle in tonight.

Current Road Conditions: All snow routes have been covered multiple times with much success, but some narrow and rough sections may still exist. Current Operations: Grader Division continues full operations. Plow trucks are finishing up problem areas and returning to stations. 2nd shift plow drivers will be on standby until tomorrow when cleanup operations begin. Forecast Weather Conditions: Clear skies tonight, sunshine tomorrow! Temperatures should be above freezing by noon. Forecast Road Conditions: All paved roads will be completely clear tomorrow. Beware of possible muddy and slick sections on gravel roads after warm-up. Use caution when driving.

4:00 p.m. update:
Current Weather Conditions:
Winds remain into early evening, expect blowing snow and poor visibility at times.

Current Road Conditions: Team Weld is making great progress opening and widening primary roads. Some secondary roads remain snow packed, rough, and narrow with continued blowing snow.

Current Operations: Central Weld route drivers and grader operators are helping where needed in south portions of the county.

Forecast Weather Conditions: Wind will continue, very light snow possible, low temperatures tonight.

Forecast Road Conditions: Roads could be snow packed and slick tonight.

Use caution when driving.


3:30 p.m. update: Road Closures

HWY 34 from WCR 49 to Wiggins: Icy conditions / CLOSED BY CDOT


HWY 52 from Fort Morgan to HWY 14: drifted closed / CLOSED BY CDOT

HWY 71 from HWY 14 to Wyoming: drifted closed / CLOSED BY CDOT

HWY 14 from Ault to Sterling: drifted closed / CLOSED BY CDOT

WY 392 from HWY 85 to HWY 14: drifted closed / CLOSED BY CDOT

I-25 from Wellington to Wyoming: Icy / NOW OPEN

WCR 54 from WCR 17 to HWY 257: drifted / NOW OPEN

I-76 from Denver to Nebraska: drifted / NOW OPEN

O St. from 11th Ave to 35th Ave: drifted / NOW OPEN

WCR 100 from WCR 31 to WCR 33: POWER LINES / NOW OPEN

WCR 4 from WCR 27 to WCR 31: Downed tree / NOW OPEN


1:30 p.m. update:
Current Weather Conditions:
Snow has greatly diminished but winds are getting stronger. Northeast Weld County is still experiencing whiteout conditions.

Current Road Conditions: Drifting snow is keeping most primary roads narrow but passable.

Current Operations: Some plow routes directly northeast of Greeley are clearing well and assisting other plow routes in southwest Weld.

Forecast Weather Conditions: Snow clearing with continued winds through the night.

Forecast Road Conditions: More roads opening with rough snow packed surfaces.

Use caution when driving.


11:30 a.m. update:
Current Weather Conditions:
Snow is minimal in most parts of Weld County. 25 mph winds continue to cause drifting snow and rough roads.

Current Road Conditions: Roads are snow packed. Most arterial roads are passable with caution, teams are opening previously shutdown roads throughout the county.

Current Operations: All plow routes manned, grader division is using V plows to punch through 3 to 8-foot drifts.

Forecast Weather Conditions: Additional snow accumulations expected to cease. Winds will carry snow creating ground blizzard conditions into evening.

Forecast Road Conditions: Roads will improve as stranded vehicles are removed and lanes are widened.
Use caution when driving.


9:35 update:
Current Weather Conditions:
Ground blizzard throughout county.

Current Road Conditions: Snow packed, icy, and drifting snow. Arterial and primary roads are passable with extreme caution but travel today is not advised. Most local, secondary, and rural roads are impassable. Travel on rural roads is highly discouraged.

Current Operations: Weld County Public Works, Sheriff's Office, and tow companies are working in teams to clear roads and gain access to stranded vehicles.

Forecast Weather Conditions: Snowfall will decrease but strong winds remain the main factor in clean-up operations.

Forecast Road Conditions: Primary roads will improve with concerted effort of all involved and decreasing wind later today.

Use caution when driving.


6:15 a.m. update:
Current Weather Conditions: Ground Blizzard with blowing snow throughout the county.

Current Road Conditions: Snow pack, icy, and drifting. Arterial roads and primary roads are passible with care. Most local, secondary, and rural roads are impassable.

Current Operations: All trucks are out, with 29 motor graders helping with operations.

Forecast Weather Conditions: Blowing snow, strong winds, throughout the day.

Forecast Road Conditions: Snow packed, icy with drifts mainly one lane roads, abandoned and stuck vehicles making operations very challenging. Nothing has changed since last update.

 Use caution when driving.