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Five key things to remember about COVID-19

Posted on 07/01/2020
Five key things to remember about COVID-19As the state continues to work through obstacles presented by COVID-19, Weld County wants to make clear that the county will not be applying for a variance from the state nor will the county develop further reopening guidelines for businesses or events.

In a memo dated June 1, 2020, Weld County Attorney Bruce Barker outlined the legal reasons upon which Weld County has taken its position with regard to variances. The memo can be found on the Weld County Health Department COVID-19 web page under “Weld County Information”. The memo outlines the county’s belief that because of the lack of adherence to the emergency rule-making process, as directed by Colorado State Statutes, Public Health Order 20-28 is not legally binding and therefore the county will not request a variance from PHO 20-28 “because it is of no legal effect.”

That said, many businesses, events, non-profits and even individual residents have asked the county health department for guidelines as they look to reopen or initiate certain activities. Just as Weld County is not applying for a variance, it is not developing specific guidance or giving approval to individual plans. Rather, the county is trying to support businesses with reminders about common sense approaches to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Whether you own a mom-and-pop ice cream shop or the largest restaurant in town, whether you work in a small retail store or a large company, whether you want to host a family reunion or a parade or festival, protecting yourself, your employees and your customers from COVID-19 really comes down to five basic tenets:

1. Wash your hands frequently; don’t touch your face
2. Clean frequently touched or used surfaces often
3. Maintain a 6’ distance between individuals or family groups
4. Cover your cough
5. Stay home if you are feeling sick

How you meet those tenets is at your discretion. Whether you’re an employee or a shopper, a business owner or restaurant diner, an event planner or a festivalgoer, implementing those tenets will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

Please note, public health cannot anticipate every unique situation. The public should stay informed and act based on common sense and wise judgment that will protect health and support economic revitalization. For detailed guidance, please consult the CDC website at

While many look for surety during this uncertain time, please understand reducing the spread of COVID-19 comes down to personal responsibility, not government regulation. That said, Weld County reminds the public that restaurant inspections conducted by the county health department will focus on food safety only and commissioners have been informed by the sheriff that Weld County deputies will not respond to COVID-19 related issues.