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Changes coming to intersection of WCR 29 and 90

Posted on 08/13/2020
Changes coming to intersection of WCR 29 and 90

Those traveling west of Pierce can expect to see changes in the coming days after the Weld County Board of Commissioners approved safety enhancements at the intersection of Weld County Roads (WCR) 29 and 90.

After further evaluating traffic counts and road classification as determined by the county’s functional classification map, the Department of Public Works made the recommendation to the board to remove the two-way stop signs from WCR 29 and install them on the east and west sides of WCR 90 — allowing north and southbound traffic on WCR 29, an arterial road, to be continuous.

In addition to the new flashing stop signs installed on WCR 90, advanced warning signs will be placed on each side of the intersection and temporary rumble strips will be installed the paved side of WCR 90.

“It’s important that our transportation system is structured efficiently for traffic demands but also evolves to continually strengthen the safety of the traveling public,” Weld County Commissioner Chair Mike Freeman said. “These changes effectively achieve both of those goals, but we ask those traveling on WCR 90 to be aware of the new stop signs.”

The Department of Public Works estimates the sign changes will be completed within the next five to 10 days.

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