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Public Safety Communications receives two awards

Posted on 04/16/2019
Public Safety Communications receives two awardsAiming to show gratitude to Weld County Regional Communications Center’s (WCRCC) staff, who dedicate their lives to serving the public, April 14 through 20, 2019, has been proclaimed National Public Safety Telecommunications Week by the Weld County Board of Commissioners.

The board also recognized the WCRCC on Monday for being named the 2019 Communications Center of the Year and Jessica Flohrs, Weld County 911 Communications Specialist, for being named the 2019 Trainer of the Year by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the Association of Public Communications Officials (APCO).

“Congratulations! We’re extremely proud of WCRCC’s staff and the way you’re all dedicated to public safety in Weld County,” said Commissioner Chair Barbara Kirkmeyer. “It’s because of your dedication and passion for public safety communications that makes you an industry leader and able to better resident’s lives.”

The WCRCC is the 2019 Communications Center of the Year for its excellence in being a regional public safety answering point providing dispatching services for 46 police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies. This is the first year this award has been given to Weld County’s dispatch center and is the highest award that can be received in the state from both agencies. In addition to having a supportive Public Safety Communications Director in Mike Wallace, the WCRCC is dedicated to training and having a wireless division which maintains the radio infrastructure needed to receive calls and communicate between agencies. Along with this, the training staff has developed a “Knowledge College” program, putting in more than 1,000 hours of training through videos and documents. WCRCC’s quality assurance aspect is top-notch as coordinators provide feedback on how dispatchers can improve customer service and compliance.

Flohrs was named the 2019 Communications Trainer of the Year by NENA and APCO for her ability to create training relationships that break down stigmas surrounding remedial training. Through the remedial training process, she has helped her peers who were struggling to maintain performance standards in the face of ever-evolving processes and increasing demands. Her deep empathy and genuine compassion tears down walls and her willingness to be open and create a trusting climate inspires honesty and introspection, which leads to growth.

“In the past six years, the WCRCC has been recognized at the state level, nationally and internationally,” said Public Safety Communications Director Mike Wallace. “We’re continuing to be an industry leader in public safety communications. Staff completes a lot of work daily that generally goes unrecognized, so thank you for proclaiming this week and recognizing our staff for their hard work.”

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