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Commissioners statement regarding AG letter

Posted on 07/23/2019
Commissioners statement regarding AG letter(July 22, 2019) This morning, the Weld County attorney received a letter from the State Attorney General’s Office regarding Senate Bill 19-181 and local government 1041 regulations.

When the state legislature passed SB 19-181, the state gave local governments expanded local-government authority with regard to land use. It was very clear that the state cannot preempt local land use authority or interfere with the siting of oil and gas locations and facilities.

The letter the county received today at 8:02 a.m. (in the form of a news release sent to the media) contradicts SB 19-181 and, as we read it, attempts to take the “local” out of “local control”.

Local governments have defined authorities over land use within their jurisdictions – authorities that were further enhanced by SB 19-181. For the COGCC, through the State Attorney’s Office, to now not only attempt to assume local control from local governments but also require a duplicative process for the oil and gas industry is both disappointing and irresponsible.

Weld County will exercise the authority the state has granted us to develop and implement our regulations as they work best for our county with regard to protecting public health, safety, welfare and the environment.

Click here to read the COGCC news release, COGCC's Form 2A, and the Attorney General's Letter.