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Volunteering on a board or commission is not only a great way to get involved in county government but also a wonderful opportunity to work alongside other passionate individuals like yourself. Please take some time to review our current board openings below, and we hope you find an opening that interests you.

Boards and Commissions

Please see openings listed below and hit the link below to apply. 

Apply Online for Weld County Boards and Commissions
Online Application


Area Agency on Aging
Openings - There are two (2) openings on this board.

Duties/responsibilities – Serves in an advisory capacity to the Area Agency on Aging. The AAA Advisory Board helps in the planning, coordination and monitoring of Older Americans Act programs. The Advisory Board also provides feedback on such issues as healthcare, transportation and housing needs; suggest ideas for improvement in services; assist with public hearings, focus groups, the development of the four-year plan and other agency activities and events.

Qualifications needed – An understanding of the needs of older adults.

Time commitment –
Monthly board meetings are three hours and meets the second Thursday of each month; monthly committee meetings are two hours.

Questions? For those wanting more information about the board, please contact Kelly Morrison, (970) 400-6786,
Building Trades Advisory Committee

Openings - There are three (3) openings on this committee.  One is for a cement contractor with a business address in Weld County;  one for a representative of the Weld County Builders Association; and one for the Home Builder's Association of Northern Colorado.

Duties/responsibilities - Reviews proposed changes to Chapter 29, Building Regulations, and make recommendations to Building Division and Board of County Commissioners. The board reviews complaints relating to the administration and enforcement of Building Code Regulations and serves as a communication link between the county and the construction industry.

Qualifications needed – Background in the construction industry or building trades professionals.

Time commitment – Four hours annually; the board meets the third Thursday in April and October at 5:30 p.m. 

Questions? For those wanting more information about this board, please contact Jose Gonzalez, (970) 400-3533,

Child Protection Citizen Review Panel
Openings - There is one (1) alternate opening on this panel. 

Descriptions/responsibilities – Makes recommendations on complaints filed concerning the conduct of caseworkers of Human Services.

Qualifications needed - Shall be representative of community, demonstrable personal or professional knowledge and experience with children. Shall not be an employee of the Weld or State Department of Human Services. At least one member must be a parent of a minor child at time of appointment. A limited background check is conducted prior to appointment.

Time commitment – Three hours annually; the panel meets when called.
Island Grove Park Advisory Board
Openings - There is one (1)opening on this board.  Must live outside of Greeley city limits to be a Weld County Appointee on this board.

– Facilitates the promotion, management, maintenance, and operation of the City of Greeley and Weld County facilities at the Island Grove Park site. Makes policy recommendations to the city and county regarding use of the park and long-range plans for development of the facilities.

Qualifications needed – Weld applicants must live outside Greeley city limits. No experience is necessary; anyone interested in helping improve the park can apply.

Time commitment – Average commitment is two hours per month; Meetings are held bi-monthly and occur on the first Thursday of February, April, June, August, October and December at 3:30 p.m. at the Island Grove Park Events Center.
Juvenile Community Reveiw Board
Openings - There are two (2) positions open.  They would need to have Bar Association or Mental Health Industry experience. 

Duties/responsibilities - Reviews progress and collateral information regarding juveniles that have been committed to the Department of Youth Services in order to determine the appropriateness of recommended transitional placement and/or programming into a community setting. The board is comprised of eight separate professional agencies as well as community representation.

Qualifications needed – Members shall have experience and represent the following areas: probation, social services, school district, law enforcement, division of youth, bar association and mental health. There are also two citizen positions on this board.

Time commitment – Two to three hours per month; seven members serve three-year terms. The board meets the second Monday of each month when there are cases to be heard.

Planning Commission
Openings - There is one (1) opening on this commission.  Applicant must live one of the following school districts:  RE-3j, RE-50j, RE-8, RE-27j, RE-20j; which include the areas of Roggen, Keenesburg, Hudson, Master, Dearfield, Fort Lupton, Brighton or Weldona. 

Duties/responsibilities - Conducts hearings and advises County Commissioners regarding land-use planning, zoning administration, and subdivision development within the county. Reviews and makes recommendations on land-use applications and amendments to policies and regulations.

Qualifications needed – Open to residents of all backgrounds. A background in land-use, planning, real estate or building is helpful, but not required. Each member shall reside within the geographic area for which they are appointed at the time of appointment and during their term.

Time commitment - The commission meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 12:30p.m.
Weld County Building Code Board of Appeals
Openings - There is one (1) opening for a licensed engineer.

Duties/responsibilities - Determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction. Interprets provisions of the Weld County Building Code but has no authority to waive requirements of the code.

Qualifications needed – Experienced or training in construction industry as a building trades professional.

Time Commitment – Two hours annually; the board meets when called.

Questions? For those wanting more information about this board, please contact Jose Gonzalez, (970) 400-3533,
Weld Faith Partnership Council

 Openings - There are two (2) openings on this council.

Duties/responsibilities - Advises County Commissioners on strategic recommendations from a faith-based and community-based perspective regarding issues of concern. Up to 15 members serve, including geographic representation of the faith community.

Qualifications needed – The council is seeking a broad representation of individuals interested or involved in the faith-based community throughout Weld County, such as churches, youth groups, volunteer organizations, etc.

Time commitment – Two hours per month; the council meets the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 a.m.

Workforce Development Board
Openings - There are four (4) openings on this board.

Duties/responsibilities - This board is business-led with a majority of its members representing the private sector and other members representing organized labor, community-based organizations, education, economic development organizations, other state agencies and individuals with disabilities. The WDB is charged with identifying regional workforce needs, developing and implementing systems in response and providing overall direction for Employment Services of Weld County.

Qualifications needed:
Business Representatives (3) - Targeted industry:  Agriculture, Retail, Construction
• Owner of construction business, chief executive or operating officer of business or other executive or employee with optimum policymaking or hiring authority.

• OR Represent business, or organization representing business that provide employment opportunities that, at a minimum, include high-quality work-relevant training and development.

Labor Organization Representative (1)
A representative who is a member of a labor organization or a representative who has been nominated by local labor federations, or other representatives of employees.

• OR Are appointed from among individuals nominated by local business organizations and trade associations.

Time commitment – Averages four hours per month; general meetings take place on Tuesdays at 11:45 a.m. and two subcommittees meet four times per year. Participation on subcommittees is highly encouraged.

Questions? For those wanting more information about the board, please contact Heather Roberts, (970) 400-6752,