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The many residents who serve on our advisory boards and commissions help identify how the services we provide are being received by the public, and how they can be improved upon to have the greatest impact and reach the greatest number of people. Given the size of Weld County — nearly 4,000 square miles — and its agricultural and urban makeup, advisory board and commission members each play a unique role in ensuring our government services are effective and meeting expectations.

To each of our board and commission members listed below, thank you for your dedication and service to Weld County. Your efforts make a big difference and are truly appreciated!

Area Agency on Aging
Shirley Medbery
Ken Norem
Ron Heil
William Pike
Katherine Swafford
Mary Jones
Susan Collins
Mary Achziger
Larry Matson
George Heath
Juliet Fried
Roberta Speyer
Bruce Fitzgerald
James Reisberg
Sandy Magnuson
Joan Schulz
Nancy Culbreath
Leanne Bodine
Board of Adjustment

Gary Cyr
Michael Wailes
Lonnie Ford
Gene Stille
William Hedberg
Terry Cross
Jonathan Key
Jim Rohn

Board of Public Health
Joyce Smock
Tim Annable
Sandra Owens
James Kuemmerle
Linda Kautz
Fred Hepner
Jim Rohn
Nicholas Berryman
Board of Trustees of Northern Colorado Medical Center
Kay Kosmicki
Mark Lawley
Michael Simone
Catherine Davis
Brian Underwood
Kevin Mullin
Jason Yeater
Commissioner Sean Conway
Building Trades Advisory Committee
Eric Wernsman
Kevin Pagel
Matt Wagy
Jerry Lemons
Samuel Gluck
Child Protection Citizen Review Panel
Tony Jo Niccoli
Crystal Schwartz
Elli Rathbun
Kathryn Henecke
Aline Marie Cochran
Pam Ward
Helen Berntsen
Community Corrections Advisory Council
Annette Kundelius
Judge Tom Quammen
Jerry Green
Robb Miller
Roger Ainsworth
Tracey McCoy
Ed Clark
Mike Guthrie
Elaine Hicks
Extension Advisory Council
Gail Fiolkoski
Brad Walker
Lori Stevens
Ron Marshall
Amy Cooksey
Eric Aakko
Gary Schaneman
Jeff Hasbrouck
Pat Kindvall
Sean Short
Daryl Wiest
Commissioner Mike Freeman
Fair Board
Christine Gabel
Robby Adams
Kimberly Tregoning
Teri Segelke
Bridget Holcomb
Miguel Ojeda
Cody LeBlanc
Pat Day
Andrew Raff
Larry Wagner
Jennifer Seltzer
Jo Temmer
Neil Temmer
Dakota Kos
Allen Halley
Tracy Axton
Aaron Helus
Marlin Kunau
Dr. John Scanga
Jane Miller
Michael Mitchell
Greeley Housing Authority Board
Havilah Lilly
George Heath
Greeley/Weld Airport Authority Board
(Weld County Representatives)
Ron Bland
Cruz Moncivais (Joint Member)
Commissioner Mike Freeman
Commissioner Steve Moreno
Human Services Advisory Commission
Cynthia Horn
Elizbeth Barber
Adam Turk
Michael Matthews
Lisa Taylor
Stanley Graffis
Lucas McConnell
Meredith Munoz
Rebecca Lorenz
Jodi Hartmann
Stephanie Gausch
Enita Kearns-Hout
Tom Teixeira
Melanie Falvo
Commissioner Mike Freeman
Island Grove Park Board
(Weld County representatives)
Tami Inskeep
Terry Weber
Commissioner Sean Conway
Noxious Weed Management Board
Chuck Birkemeyer
Cami Hillman
Dennie Kutcher
Ralph Anders
Jean Mark
Lynnett DeWolfe
Ronald Broda
Planning Commission
Dick Beck
Bruce Johnson
Tom Cope
Lonnie Ford
Bruce Sparrow
Gene Stille
Elija Hatch
Michael Wailes
Skip Holland
Weld County Building Code Board of Appeals
Tim Swanson
Jerry Lemons
Bill Delap
Matt Wagy
Jason Baker
Scott Petersen
Weld County Faith Partnership Council
Scott James, Commissioner Representative
Nate Treverner
Pam Hungenberg
Lynnda Easter
Jeff Sloan
Jodi Hartmann
Rick Hartman
Michael Mathews
Jildi Gentry
Carla Ikenouye
Gabriel Gonzales
Margie Martinez
Rosann Holman
Ryan Dougherty
Workforce Development Board
David Thompson
Bob Grand
Ronnie Babcock
Clay Drake
Dana Rutz
Dr. Margo Barnhardt
Greg Farris
Peggy Decker
Pete Freeman
Dwight Steele
Shelly Rios
Susan Ditson
Sylvia Robinson
Ryan Rose
Richard Bryne
Geoffrey Herrig
Alvaro “Varo” Maldanado
Abigail Melendez
Lisa Taylor
Shayna Howell
Rhonda Haniford
Rich Werner
Elise Lowe-Vaughn
Stacy Evans
Jeff Sloan
Commissioner Julie Cozad