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Public Trustee

Effective July 1, 2020
Pursuant to C.R.S. 38-37-102, the term of the Public Trustees in the 10 larger counties, including Weld, will end of June 30, 2020. On July 1, 2020, the Public Trustee Office will become a part of the Weld County Treasurer's Office. The Weld County Treasurer will serve as the Treasurer/Public Trustee. 

During the transition period, please visit the Public Trustee's Website. You can find information regarding foreclosures, foreclosure reports, and any required forms

General Information

The powers and duties of the office of the Public Trustee and procedures for the operation of the office are defined in Title 38 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) Volume 10. The areas covered are: Releases of Deeds of Trust, Foreclosures of Deeds of Trust, Tax Escrow Accounts for Land Purchase contracts.

Unique among the fifty states in its public trustee/lender relationship, Colorado's foreclosure statutes, as interpreted by the courts, have provided a reasonably quick and inexpensive process for the lienor to exercise its rights and remedies, while affording the owner of the property a fair opportunity to protect his interest in the property. For the Public Trustee to have the powers granted by statute, deeds of trust must grant such trustee an interest in the property encumbered by the Deed of Trust. Any deed of trust that names anyone other than a Public Trustee is deemed to be a mortgage for all purposes and a foreclosure on a mortgage would have to be handled judicially.

The Public Trustee's responsibility is to ensure that each interested party complies with the State statutes. 


Weld County Treasurer & 
Public Trustee

1400 N. 17th Avenue
P.O. Box 458
Greeley, CO 80632

Phone: (970) 400-3290
Fax: (970) 304-6435

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

South County Residents

Phone: (720) 652-4200 x 3290

Weld County Treasurer & Public Trustee
John R. Lefebvre, Jr.


Rick Ferguson 
Release Lead

Phone: (970) 400-3246

Julie Cole 
Foreclosure Lead

Phone: (970) 400-3247