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Controlling Weeds Using Biological Control and Fire

Field Bindweed Mite Damage Biological control (bio-control) is a viable option for dealing with some noxious weeds that have grown out of control. If the infestation is still small or just getting started, bio-control is not the best solution.Musk Thistle Seed Feeding Beetle


Colorado Department of Agriculture sponsors the Colorado Insectary in Palisade, Colorado. At the Insectary they are conducting research to find organisms to help in the control of specific noxious weeds and troublesome insects. On these pages they discuss the bio-control agents that are available for the different weed species. Their contact/order form is also available.


Leafy Spurge Flea Beetle

Over the years, in Weld County, we have released the Field Bindweed mites, the Leafy Spurge flea beetles, the Diffuse Knapweed seed feeding weevil, and the Dalmatian Toadflax stem feeding weevils. We have also partnered with local landowners to aid in the distribution of the Canada Thistle rust. Some landowners have tried the Puncturevine seed feeding weevils. All of these agents have had mixed success.


If there are any bio-control agents that you would like to try, please contact the Weed Division office at 970-400-3770. This way we can work together on implementing a bio-control program in Weld County and together monitor the progress of the agents used.

Using Fire To Control Invasive Species

Fire is a tool that farmers have used for centuries. Most of the time fire is used to clear old vegetation so that weed re-growth is readily visible for chemical Hwy 52 burned ditchtreatment. The fire also stimulates some grasses to green up sooner by warming the ground. 

However, fire can also open the door to more or new noxious weed infestations by stressing existing vegetation that has not evolved with fire.

It is also important to know that for the fire to destroy weed seeds, it has to be so hot for an extended period of time, that it also kills the soil and other beneficial vegetation growing in the area.

Care needs to be taken when using fire. Contact Environmental Health at 970-304-6415 extension 2702 to ask if a burn permit is needed for your situation and to learn if there are any burn bans in place. Always give your local fire department a call before you start a fire.


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