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2045 Transportation Plan

Weld County is currently in the process of updating the Transportation Plan. The update will address changes that have been made since the 2035 Transportation Plan was adopted in 2011. The Transportation Plan serves as an integral part in the decision-making process for Weld County staff and elected officials. The primary purpose of this document is to provide technical information that can be used as a basis for formulating transportation related policies.

Transportation Plan Goals

  • Develop and maintain a safe, efficient roadway network.
  • Encourage partnerships with municipalities, neighboring counties, the Colorado Department of Transportation, North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization, Upper Front Range Transportation Planning Region, Denver Regional Council of Governments, Special Districts, and private entities to coordinate transportation improvements, land use strategies, and enhance inter-agency communication.
  • 3. Improve the movement of people and goods by enhancing arterial roadways.
  • 4. Support good land use planning policies by coordinating long-range and transportation planning decisions to ensure new development maintains an adequate level of service by paying its share of improvements to the transportation network.
  • 5. Implement the current transportation plan in a way that considers other transportation and comprehensive plans.
  • 6. Update the capital improvements plan and implement strategies that recognize funding limitations and seeks alternative funding sources.
  • 7. Invest in infrastructure improvements that strengthen the freight transportation corridors to ensure economic vitality.

Functional Classification Map

Weld County is currently updating the Function Classification Map to reflect changes that have occurred since the latest adopted map. The Functional Classification Map groups unincorporated Weld County roads into classes (local, collector, and arterial) to help identify where additional right-of-way (ROW) will be required and for measuring setbacks for structures. Typically, ROW vary based on the following classifications:

Local roads: 60’ of ROW
Collector roads: 80’ of ROW
Arterial roads: 140’ of ROW

Current road classifications can be viewed on the County's interactive GIS map.
Be sure to select the correct map layer, as seen below.

Functional Classification

Why is Weld County going through the process of updating the Transportation Plan?
Transportation plans must be updated regularly in order to maintain relevance to the current conditions. Weld County has committed to updating their Transportation Plan within a 10 year time frame in order to ensure that the information is relevant and up to date. Weld County Commissioners adopted the 2035 Transportation Plan in 2011, so updating the plan now ensure that Weld County can meet the 10 year time from. Updating the Transportation Plan gives staff and elected officials an additional opportunity to discuss the future of transportation in the County. The update process is essential in ensuring that future growth can be mitigated, and the transportation system can continue to meet the needs of the citizens of Weld County.
Will their be a chance to provide comments on the 2045 Transportation Plan?
Yes! We are gearing up to have public meetings, where you can provide comments on the Transportation Plan. The public input portion of the update is essential in order to ensure that the plan meets the expectations of the public. 
When will the Transportation Plan be adopted?
Currently the Transportation Plan is scheduled to be adopted in September 2020. 
What other documents are being updated at this time?
The Comprehensive Plan is currently being updated, as well as the Functional Classification Map. 
Where can I find more information about the 2035 Transportation Plan?


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