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Historical Survey Notes

Link to Weld County Historical Surveyor Notes

County Network

Weld County does not maintain a surveying network. We ask that you use NGS monuments for your control. By using these points, you can convert to state plane coordinates that can be used more readily by our GIS Department.

Monument Boxes

surveying equipmentWeld County provides monument boxes free of charge for any surveyor who wants to set, upgrade or perpetuate an aliquot corner of any section in Weld County. The boxes are available at the Public Works department. You will be required to deliver the section corner information to the survey section of Public Works in order to receive the monument box and lid. Please remember to replace lids on monument boxes when you have finished your work.

Right-of-Way Use Permit

Any time you work within Weld County right-of-way, you will be required to secure a Right-of-Way Use Permit from the Public Works Department. Surveyors will be allowed to secure an annual permit that will cover all rights-of-way within the County. The permit application explains the requirements of the permit including safety for both you and the traveling public.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I learn about benchmarks/section marks?

Weld County does not maintain a survey control network or benchmark network. We ask that you use the NGS network when working within the County. Information about those points can be found on the NGS website. The location of section corners can be found on the State Department of Regulatory Agencies website under Architects, Engineers and Surveyors. Look for monument records under the surveyors corner tab. Section corners are maintained and upgraded as surveyors use them as part of their surveying activities.


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Public Works Department

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