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Roadside Trees

Weld Trees 2The Bridge Division has a crew that will trim trees causing visibility problems at intersections or blocking traffic signs.

Please notify the Public Works Department at 970-304-6496, ext. 3750, or fill out the Online Comment and Concern Form, letting the County know of existing problems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If a tree from private property falls onto County right-of-way, who is responsible for removal?

If a tree or branches from a tree on private property fall onto the County rights-of-way, the tree or tree branches will be pushed back onto the private property by the County work force and are then the responsibility of the landowner for removal.

What if there is a dead tree that is within the right-of-way or blocking the road?

The Bridge Division will trim tree branches or remove dead trees within the Weld County right-of-way if they are deemed a possible road hazard. To report non-emergency issues to the Public Works Department, please call 970-304-6496, ext. 3750, or fill out the Online Comment and Concern Form.



Ron Graves
Road and Bridge Division Foreman

Phone: (970) 400-3787

Duane Naibauer
Road and Bridge Division Supervisor

Phone: (970) 400-3786

Public Works Department

1111 H Street, Greeley
Phone: (970) 400-3750
Fax: (970) 304-6497

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 758
Greeley, CO 80632