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Why is Stormwater Quality Important?

Center Pivot Irrigation

In Weld County, we recognize stormwater plays a key role in supporting our local economy, public health and quality of life. Stormwater is vital to our community because it replenishes the water supply that we depend on every day for basic needs such as drinking, washing, irrigating and animal watering. In Weld County specifically, a clean water supply is essential to maintain our place as leaders in the agricultural industry.

The County’s stormwater drainage system consists of a series of roadside ditches that drain stormwater runoff into local waterways in order to prevent street and property flooding. Stormwater pollution occurs when rain or melting snow flows over land or pavement and picks up bacteria, sediment, chemicals, trash and other pollutants as it travels. These pollutants are then carried to the stormwater drainage system and eventually drain into nearby creeks, streams and rivers. Unlike the water we use in our households, stormwater flows directly into our waterways without being treated first.

For this reason, Weld County is diligently working to protect this valuable resource through the prevention of potential pollutants from entering local creeks, streams and rivers and so providing our residents and businesses with the cleanest water supply possible.

What can I do to help?

Everyone living or working in Weld County can help reduce the amount of stormwater pollution that enters our drainage system and help sustain our quality of life while saving you or your business time and money. Click on the following categories to find helpful tips and tools you can use around the house or on the job.

Weld County Residents
Local Businesses 
 Construction Industry


Whether you're a resident, business or industry, you can get involved. Find a local volunteer organization that hosts cleanup events or sign up to adopt a street. 

Weld County maintains a section of O Street, from 35th Avenue to 11th Avenue, through Greeley's Adopt-a-Street program. Each year, Weld County employees volunteer to pick up trash along the roadside. In 2018, on World Cleanup Day, volunteers picked up 35 bags of trash, filling an entire dumpster. That's 35 bags of trash that will not end up in the Poudre River, which is just 1000 feet south of O Street. Picking up trash not only prevents water pollution, but it also helps to keep our county beautiful.

O Street Cleanup

Where can I find the rules?

Weld County Public Works is continuously developing and implementing stormwater quality control programs in order to protect and preserve our local water resources. Local ordinances have been implemented to ensure compliance with Weld County’s federally mandated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit issued under the Colorado Discharge Permit System (CDPS) of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Additionally, a Program Description Document was developed as a requirement of the MS4 permit and is publicly available for review and comment.