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Cattle Guards


Installing a Cattle Guard Across a County Road

  1. The entire cost of installation is funded by person requesting the cattle guard.
  2. Written notification of the installation has to be received at the Public Works office 15 days prior to installation.
  3. A signed agreement by both parties will be completed outlining responsibilities before the cattle guard is installed.
  4. Any cattle guard installed across a County road must comply with all standards set by the Public Works Department.

Cleaning a Cattle Guard

  1. Any person benefiting from the cattle guard that crosses a County road is responsible to periodically clean the space within the cement box from all sand, dirt. silt or other solid debris.
  2. Cleaning of the cattle guard must be completed within one working day. The person performing the work shall notify Weld County Public Works of their intentions prior to starting the work.
  3. The road on which the cattle guard is located shall be closed during the cleaning. It is the person’s responsibility to place all warning signs. Signs may be borrowed from the Public Works Department.
  4. The person benefiting from the cattle guard may request the County to clean the cattle guard; however, the person will pay the cost of the cleaning prior to the work being done.

Repairing a Cattle Guard

  1. The repair of any cattle guard on any County road shall be the joint responsibility of the County and the person who benefits from the cattle guard.
  2. It is the responsibility of any person who benefits from any cattle guard that crosses a County road to notify the County of the need for repair to the cattle guard.  The person must notify the County within the same five working days in which they obtain the knowledge of the need for repair.
  3. Any person who performs work on a cattle guard in the County right-of-way without an agreement with the County, or fails to provide notification for need of repair or fails to provide cleaning or assist in repair and replacement of the cattle guard may be subject to the cattle guard being removed.

Replacing a Cattle Guard

  1. In the event that any cattle guard located upon any County road is deemed by the County to be beyond repair, the cattle guard shall be replaced. The County shall pay for the entire cost of said replacement.
  2. Any person requesting the replacement of the cattle guard will provide written acknowledgment that the person requesting will conform to the provisions of the County policy for cattle guards on County roads. They will also be responsible for paying the full installation costs.

Additional Information

More information can be found in the Weld County Code Section 8-5-10 through 8-5-70.

Contact Information

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