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Text-to-911 LogoWeld County Public Safety Communications is now proud to support Text-to-911 services. Text-to-911 offers an alternative way of contacting 911 in an emergency, but please note it is intended to be used only when calling isn’t the safest form of communication or is not an option. Remember: Call if You Can, Text if You Can’t.

Weld County Public Safety Communications has worked hard to make sure Text-to-911 services are available to residents and visitors of Weld County. Like any service, however, it is important to know how the service works, what its limitations are, and what to expect if you should need the service.

Please take a few moments to review our FAQs below and better familiarize yourself with Text-to-911 so that if you need to use it, you know how to use it effectively.
What's the difference between calling 911 and texting 911?
When you need to contact 911, it is important to know that while there are two different ways to do so, calling should always be the first option. To help you decide which to use, please consider the following information:

Texting-to-911 Pros:
• Allows 911 to be reached when calling isn’t an option such as in a home invasion or robbery.
• Helps those with disabilities or who are hearing impaired.

Texting-to-911 Cons:
• Do not send videos, pictures, or text slang.
• Texts can sometimes be delayed by your cellular provider or received out of order.

Calling 911:
• A more immediate way of calling 911.
• Details can be received quickly without delay.

Call if You Can, Text if you Can’t.
Does my cellular provider work with Weld County's Text-to-911 service?
Currently, the following carriers allow Text-to-911 services in Weld County:

The county has contacted all cellular providers to request they enable Text-to-911 services in Weld County but not all have enabled that feature for their customers. If your carrier is not listed here, they are not currently supporting Text-to-911.
Who can use Text-to-911 services?
Anyone in Weld County (resident or visitor) who has text messaging available on their cellular device and the cellular provider has enabled the service for their customers in Weld County.
When should I use Text-to-911 services?
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • If you are unable to speak into the phone.
  • If your safety will be compromised by speaking out loud (if this is the case, please remember to silence your phone).
  • If your cell signal strength is low, a text message may go through.
How do I use Text-to-911?
  • Enter 911 in the "To" field of your text message.
  • Enter brief details of your situation.
  • Push send.
  • Answer the dispatcher's questions.
  • Provide your location as dispatch won't know where you are.
  • Use simple language.
  • DO NOT send photos or videos; DO NOT use emojies or abbreviations.
  • Know the limitations of texting 911
What are the limitations of texting 911?
Texting is not the most reliable way to communicate, especially in an emergency.

Text messages can be delayed by your service provider, received out of order and may not be available if you're roaming. 

Also, if your cellular provider has not enabled the ability for their customers in Weld County to use the Text-to-911 service, you will not be able to request assistance by texting 911.

If you are texting because of safety concerns, make sure your phone is on silent.

What if someone contacts Text-to-911 in a language other than English?
If a text comes into our dispatch center in a language other than English, the dispatcher will respond by asking the texter to please call 911 so appropriate translation services can be provided. The county contracts with a company called Voiance, which supports hundreds of languages and provides interpreters to our Public Safety Communications Office to aid in translation for 911 callers. There are approximately 78 primary home languages spoken in the District 6 schools alone so you can see the need to provide translation for multiple languages and the benefit of having people provide those translation services especially during an emergency.
Which Weld County agencies participate in Text-to-911?

Fire Departments:

Ault-Pierce Fire Department
Briggsdale Fire Department
Eaton Fire Department
Evans Fire Department
Frederick-Firestone Fire Department
Fort Lupton Fire Department
Front Range Fire Department (Johnstown/Milliken)
Galeton Fire Department
Greeley Fire Department
Hudson Fire Department
LaSalle Fire Department
Mountain View Fire Department
New Raymer Fire Department
Nunn Fire Department
Pawnee Fire Department
Platte Valley Fire Protection (Kersey)
Platteville-Gilcrest Fire Department
Southeast Weld Fire Department
Windsor-Severance Fire Department

Police Departments:

Ault Police Department
Dacono Police Department
Eaton Police Department
Evans Police Department
Frederick Police Department
Firestone Police Department
Fort Lupton Police Department
Garden City Police Department
Greeley Police Department
Hudson Marshal’s Office
Johnstown Police Department
Kersey Police Department
LaSalle Police Department
Lochbuie Police Department
Milliken Police Department
Mead Police Department
Nunn Police Department
Platteville-Gilcrest Police Department
UNC Police Department
Weld County Sheriff’s Office
Windsor Police Department

***Erie Police Department (Erie Police Department is not one of our customers/users, however text-to-911 service will be available to Erie residents whose addresses are in Weld County)

Emergency Service Providers:

Banner Paramedic Service
Frederick-Firestone Ambulance Service
Mountain View Ambulance Service
University of Colorado Health Ambulance Service


Be direct: When texting 911, provide responders with only pertinent information (what’s the emergency, who’s in danger?) 
Location, location, location: Don’t forget, when texting 911, your location can’t be tracked automatically. You’ll need to give responders an accurate location.
Keep it simple: Refrain from emojis, and avoid using vague text language (How R U? l8r, OMG, SMH etc.) The responder may become confused and help may be delayed. 


Avoid excessive details: Emergency personnel doesn’t need to know every detail of a situation right away. Respond to only the questions they ask.
Just the two of us: Text-to-911 service can only support a conversation between you and the dispatch center. Do not send texts to 911 as part of a group text. Also, don’t forward the conversation on to a friend or relative. 
• Use only your words: 911 can only accept SMS (Short Message Service) messages. Avoid sending pictures or video.


• Silence: When texting 911 in an evolving situation such as a robbery, make sure your phone is in silent mode, with all alert and notification sounds disabled.
• Delays can happen: Sometimes texts get delayed and are not received when sent. This can happen when texting 911.
• Choose clarity over convenience: Don’t text 911 simply because you find texting easier than talking on the phone. Texting should be a secondary option only. If you can provide better details by calling 911, and can do so safely, don’t hesitate to call. 

Remember, Call if You Can, Text if You Can’t.


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