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Long-Range Planning

Weld Vision LogoThe County is updating the Weld County Comprehensive Plan, which is intended to guide land use decisions in the unincorporated area of the County and is adopted as Chapter 22 of the Weld County Code. 

To download a summary about the update, please see the Comprehensive Plan Summary.

The Draft Comprehensive Update is available for you to view.  Since this is a draft, it is subject to change prior to final adoption.  (See for hearing dates).  You can also view the Current Comprehensive Plan online.

For the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update, the County is considering incorporating a map to show preferred locations for potential zone changes to commercial and industrial districts. Such a designation does not guarantee a zone change application will be approved. All of the applicable criteria in Chapter 23 of the Weld County Code must be satisfied in order for the Board of County Commissioners to approve a zone change application. The map shows general locations where such zone changes would be preferable compared to other locations. Location-specific attributes such as surrounding land uses, topography, and availability of utilities will always need to be considered. The map also shows concentric buffers around existing municipal boundaries to show the preferable scale of new development:

  1. Within one-quarter mile of any municipality:  Zone changes and subdivisions in the unincorporated area are discouraged.  Property owners who want to rezone or subdivide their property are encouraged to contact the municipality about annexation.
  2. One-quarter mile to three miles from any municipality: Urban-scale development may be allowed with public utilities, including public water and sewer service.
  3. Nonurban-scale development may be allowed beyond one mile from a municipality if it has public water.
  4. Only rural-scale Planned Unit Developments on well and septic may be allowed beyond three miles from any municipality.

This map does not change the zoning of any property. Land that is zoned Agricultural still has the same allowed uses and may be approved for a use by special review (USR) regardless of the map designation. The map is intended to guide land use policy decisions for zone changes, subdivisions, and changes to the Weld County Code regarding development.

Please see Article IV of the draft Comprehensive Plan update and view the Draft Comprehensive Plan Map.

Please visit for more information, including hearing dates. Comments may also be submitted to Jim Flesher, Long-Range Planner, via email to, fax to (970) 304-6498, or mail to PO Box 758, Greeley, CO, 80632.


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