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LEPC LEPC meeting photo

LEPC meeting photos

2020 LEPC Meetings

(Public, Tier II reporting agencies, First Responders, and Stakeholders are welcome), locations of meetings TBD.

All meetings are cancelled due to Covid-19 at the moment.

January 23rd, April 23rd, July 23rd, October 22nd

If anyone is interested in hosting a meeting or giving a 10-15 presentation on their facility please contact Gracie at

Local Emergency Planning Committee (L.E.P.C.) and Oil and Gas Emergency Action Plan Templates


The Weld County LEPC is focused on coordination and partnerships with local government and industry partners. Our goal is to develop a coordinated all- hazard planning team to help with risk based planning for our emergency operations plan.

The Oil and Gas industry has taken off in the last few years across Weld County. With the industry boom, the number of operators and associated business in Weld County has increased, and so has the risk for incidents in our county.

Weld County LEPC continues to work with local government, fire districts and industry partners to:

  • Identify risks and hazards to our community
  • Plan for the identified risks  
  • Identify response capabilities and gaps to response
  • Work with industry to identify how they can reduce risk at their facilities based on best practices and coordination with first responder agencies.

There are several new rules and regulation that have been adopted by the COGCC, EPA, and PHMSA over that past few years. This has changed the way LEPCs operate and how we as an LEPC stay compliant with EPCRA and communicate to our citizens about risks and planning. Risk and hazard analysis in planning has changed in recent years due to the use of technology, and because we now follow an all-hazards approach to planning. There are several computer programs that help us in planning, including CAMEO and P.E.A.C., that provide a worst case scenario model. While we strive to be consistent with these programs, it is also important to consistently share this information with all planning agencies. The outcome is a full understanding of our community’s risks and capabilities and strong relationships that will allow us to continue to work together and improve safety.

Roy Rudisill,
Chair Weld County LEPC 

LEPC meeting photos
LEPC Meeting Photo LEPC Meeting photo

Contact Information

Office of Emergency Management

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 758
Greeley, CO 80632

Phone: (970) 304-6540
Toll Free: (800) 436-9276 x 3809
Fax: (970) 336-7242

Roy Rudisill
LEPC Chair for Weld County and
Emergency Management Director

Phone: 970-304-6540

Dave Burns
Emergency Management Coordinator

Phone: 970-400-3993


Facility Emergency Action Plan

Tier II Hazardous Chemical Inventory Reporting - Website

Weld County GIS mapping - Fire districts

Risk Management Plan (RMP) Rule Overview


Weld County Spill Submission Report Form

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