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Court Date Notification Program

This function was developed in coordination with the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee (CJAC) and the 19th JD Courts.

The objective is to help improve the appearance of defendants for their court hearings by providing them with call ahead reminders. When defendants appear for their court hearings, it improves the efficiency of the judicial process, allows law enforcement to focus on higher value tasks than having to execute warrants and overall reduces costs to taxpayers. Most defendants charged with a traffic offense, low level misdemeanor or for a certain, lower level felony are not detained in jail and if they fail to appear (FTA) for any kind Female on the phoneof mandated appearance(s), it can become problematic for the court system, Weld County and for defendants. The focus of the Court Date Notification Program is to reduce FTA rates in Division A, where all defendants issued a Summons (not arrested) are scheduled for their initial appearance.


Justice Services

Pamela Hernandez, Program Specialist
Court Date Notification Program
915 10th St., #334
P.O. Box 758
Greeley, CO 80632
Phone: (970) 400-4842
Fax: (970) 392-4677

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19th Judicial District / Weld County Dockets

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