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Workforce Development Board

What is the Weld County Workforce Development Board?


Group of business people in a teamwork meetingThe Weld County Workforce Development Board is responsible for identifying regional workforce development needs and creating comprehensive strategies designed to meet those needs while considering the region's economic development priorities. The Board focuses on providing quality, customer-driven employment and training services to the business community, job seekers and other stakeholders to support the economic vitality of Weld County.

  • Mission: To keep the workforce system responsive to employers, employees, and job seekers.
  • Employment Services of Weld County operates an innovative, adaptive, and customer-driven workforce system program that:
  • Provides services to our customers based upon individual needs and choices.
  • Provides services that are competitive and valuable.
  • Focuses on outcomes that are measurable and results oriented.
  • Responds to the changing labor market conditions, customer profiles, and program regulations.
  • Delivers services that are fiscally responsible.

How is the Board Organized?
The Weld County Workforce Development Board is made up of three sub-committees which are the Awareness Committee, Partner Committee and Youth Committee. Together, these three committees complete a General Membership which overlooks the goals, strategies and completion of tasks set forth by the Workforce Development Board. 

The Weld County Workforce Development Board would like to recognize the following Associate members who have played a significant role in the programs and projects: Al Gold, Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation; Dan Hamsmith, Town of Hudson; Erica Jackson, Community Educational Outreach at ICCS; Jill Young, Town of Windsor; John Fleck, Colorado Sheet Metal Workers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Institute; Leon Ortega, Rocky Mountain Service Employment Redevelopment; Luke Solomon, Department of Corrections; Mary Freitag; Michal Connors, Windsor Chamber of Commerce; Michelle Jones, Evans Chamber of Commerce; Paula Mehle, City of Evans; Sarah MacQuiddy, Greeley Chamber of Commerce; Stephanie Veck, Colorado Workforce Development Council; Maria Secrest, District Representative for US Senator Cory Gardner, James Thompson for US Senator Michael Bennet and Dusty Johnson for US Congressman Ken Buck.

Board Members
Alvaro Maldonado – SER Jobs for Progress National, Inc. (Community Based Organization)
Bob Grand – Lost Creek Guide (Business – Media)
Bonnie Babcock – Excel Driver Services (Business - Transportation)
Chris Garcia – University of Northern Colorado (Institution of Higher Education)
Clay Drake – First Western Trust Bank (Business - Financial)
Dana Rutz – Meadow Gold/Dean Foods (Business - Agricultural)
David Thompson – FMS Bank (Business - Financial)
Dr. Margo Barnhart – Ala Carte Learning Solutions Inc. (Business - Educational)
Dwight Steele (Workforce Representative)
Elise Lowe-Vaughn – Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (Wagner-Peyser)
Greg Farris – Front Range Roofing Systems, LLC (Business – Construction)
Geoff Herrig - Colorado Sheet Metal Workers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Institute (Training Director)
Julie Cozad – Weld County Board of County Commissioners (Chief Elected Official)
Lisa Taylor – Right to Read (Adult Education)
Peggy Decker – Kaiser Permanente (Business - Healthcare)
Peter Freeman - Covenant Testing Technologies (Business – Oil/Gas)
Rhonda Haniford – Greeley-Evans School District 6 (Education and Training Representative)
Richard Byrne – United States Postal Service (Labor Organization) 
Richard Werner – Upstate Colorado (Business – Economic/Community Development)
Shayna Howell – Aims Community College (Education and Training Representative)
Shelly Rios – Sunrise Community Health (Business - Non-Profit Healthcare)
Stacy Evans – Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (Vocational Rehabilitation)
Susan Ditson – Renewable Fiber (Business – Manufacturing)
Sylvia Robinson – TOLMAR, Inc. (Business – Health)