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Youth Services

group of teenagersThe Youth Services Unit works with youth ages 10 to 18. Youth Services assists children who are experiencing difficulty with the community or parents and require intervention, usually through court order. Many youth have been adjudicated as status offenders by the court, i.e., dependent or neglected or juvenile delinquents. The goal of this unit is to assist the youth in making the best possible social adjustment with parents and society.

  • Services are provided to adolescents to reduce or eliminate conflicts between the youth and their family members or the community.
  • The focus of services shall be on alleviating conflicts, protecting the youth and the community, re-establishing family stability , or assisting the youth to emancipate successfully.
  • Youth Services acts as the main intake unit for court ordered delinquent assessments and community referrals (the majority of cases come through delinquency court)
  • Youth Services caseworkers meet with family, youth and collateral contacts to assess needs and to jointly develop a treatment plan.
  • Treatment plans can range from in home therapy, community outpatient treatment to out of home placement in treatment facilities. The treatment plan is reported to court and court-ordered as necessary.
  • The families are referred to appropriate community agencies or a case is opened for services


Child Welfare

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