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Family Support and Visitation Center

Where Parenting Time Is “The Heart of Reunification”


The Weld County Family Support and Visitation Center, a division of the Weld County Department of Human Services, has been developed over the last 13 years and is housed off site from the main office.

The Family Support and Visitation Center employs therapeutic visitation caseworkers, parent educators, and a full time manager. The Family Support and Visitation Center provides many resources and tools for families in need.

Currently our services are accessed by referral only, through a caseworker or case manager for the Department of Human Services. 

Mission Statement

"As part of Weld County Department of Human Services, Weld County Parent Educators will assure the safety of children at all times. We believe families are the foundation of our society. Our primary mission is to assist families through education, developing and utilizing resources and supports, modeling, promoting healthy relationships and empowering individuals."

The Center

Outside of building

The Weld County Family Support and Visitation Center is located in the Greeley Building, downtown, next to the Greeley Recreation Center and Union Colony Civic Center, and across from Lincoln Park. The Family Support and Visitation Center also offers the same services in South County, located in Ft. Lupton.

The Family Support and Visitation Center has eight family rooms which provide a comfortable setting in which children and their families can enjoy time with each other. The South County office offers two additional family rooms. The family rooms are furnished in a way that makes for a more “home-like” setting.

The Family Support and Visitation Center embraces the importance of families and encourages positive relationships between family members. The  Family Support and Visitation Center is also fully equipped with audio and visual recording capabilities. In addition, the center has a separate entrances and waiting areas for care providers and parents.

Services Provided By The Family Support and Visitation Center

As a division of the Weld County Department of Human Services, the Family Support and Visitation Center provides supervised parenting time for families. The Family Support and Visitation Center is unique in that the staff is able to provide different levels of intervention and assistance, all the while maintaining safety of children as our priority. 

Therapeutic Supervised:

Parenting sessions are supervised by a therapeutic caseworker who specializes in the relationship dynamics within the nuclear family.

Non-Therapeutic Supervised:

Parenting sessions are best suited for families that have a healthy relationship but require some assistance with basic parenting skills.

Monitored Parenting Time:

Visits can occur at the Family Support and Visitation Center in the home where a family member or Parent Educator is also present. Sometimes the stipulation of “Monitored At the Family Support and Visitation Center” can be a step prior to regular monitored parenting time.

Safe Exchange:

Safe exchanges are provided should there be any discomfort or tension between the care provider and family. This allows for a less stressful transition and provides a neutral location.

In Home Services:

Parenting Education services provided in the client’s home.

Life Skills Coaching:

Assist clients with learning tasks of daily living.

Parenting Curriculums Available:

  • Nurturing Parents
  • Ages and Stages

Additional Information:

Parent Educators make special arrangements with families for children to participate in family functions, assist with holiday visits, and other special events such as birthday parties in order for children and their parents to be together during these important times. Parent Educators routinely make home visits to ensure the safety of the parent’s home and assist in reunification.

Contact Information

Child Welfare

Family Support and Visitation Center - Greeley

Street Address:
710 11th Ave, Suite 202
Greeley, Colorado 80631

Mailing Address:
PO Box A
Greeley, CO 80632

Phone: (970) 400-5114
Telecom Relay Service (TRS): Dial 7-1-1

South County Office

2950 9th Street
Ft. Lupton, CO 80621

4209 County Road 24 1/2
Longmont, CO 80514

Phone: (303) 857-3028
Telecom Relay Service (TRS): Dial 7-1-1

Office Hours
By appointment only