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2017 Safety and Wellness Incentive Program

It's time to think about the choices in front of you, the decisions you make, and the outcomes you see. You are the only one responsible for the health and happiness of yourself.


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How the Program Works

Deadline for Incentive Program: Program must be complete before November 30th at 11:59 P.M. 

Part 1: You Must Complete Both of the Following:

Wellness Visit
Having a yearly wellness visit is a great opportunity to take charge of your health. A routine health care visit can help find problems early or prevent health problems before they occur.

One age appropriate preventative screening
examples are dental or vision exam, colonoscopy, mammogram, skin cancer screening or full lab workup.

Part 2: Choose 8 of the Following to Complete:

Personal Wellness Profile
Complete 100 daily challenges
Log 2 million steps
Log an exercise 10 different days in one calendar month
Log food consumption on 10 different days in a calendar month
Complete “Day to Day Goals” status 10 times
Participate in the Commissioners Cup 5k
Volunteer 6 hours
Donate Blood
CPR/AED Certified
First Aid Certified
Complete a Coaching Session
Watch a Safety Training Video
Complete 4 Monthly Wellness Activities
Complete 2 Quarterly Wellness Challenges
Attend 2 Financial Wellness Presentations
Complete the Couch to 5k Program
Attend 1 “Wellness over Lunch” Presentation
Complete 6 5k’s with the Weld County 5k Club
Quit Smoking and Log 30 days Being Smoke Free
Participate in 20 Group Exercise Classes
Receive a Flu Shot
Another Year Smoke Free

Continue to check in Motivation Alliance in the 2017 Incentive Program, as this list is subject to change, nothing will be taking away, only added as programming continually is added throughout the year.

What is Your Incentive?

Employee (and Spouse) that has been employed by Weld County prior to 2016 and is currently on Weld County Health Insurance: you will be working toward a $300 reward.  Both Employee and Spouse rewards will be awarded on employee's December 30th paycheck.

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If you have any questions about the Safety and Wellness Incentive Program please contact Kelly Leffler at or by phone at 970-400-4220