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Safety and Wellness

Couch to 5k

For Weld County employees and their families only.

Want to complete the Commissioners Cup 5k this year in August, but need some help or motivation to get there? Or do you just enjoy walking, jogging or running with a group of people? Join the C25k Group and you are guaranteed to have fun!  

Starting Tuesday, June 5th and ending Thursday August 16th

Tuesdays: 6:30 a.m. at the Admin Building

Wednesdays: 5:30 p.m. at the Admin Building

Thursdays: 12 (noon) at the Admin Building

Sign up on Motivation Alliance or contact Kelly at

Monthly Focus

Each month in 2017 there will be a different area of wellness for you to focus on.  How the focus affects you will be different for everyone.  Email a short description each month of what you personally got out of the focus, or what you learned doing a little research on the topic! 

January - Snack Attack
 Use this as an excuse to clean up your eating after the holidays!  Get rid of the candy bowls in the office, or at home, and focus on healthy snacks!
February - Beat the Winter Blues
Take a few minutes each day to do something to help yourself beat the winter blues that the month of February so often brings.
March - Sleep
What is your "Sleep Spot", how much sleep do you need each night in order for you to be able to perform your best?  This month even do a little research and learn something about sleep that you didn't know!
April - Desk Stretches
How many times a day do you get away from your computer?  Do you stretch throughout the day to help alleviate stress on you joints and muscles?  Take 5 minutes each day to do some stretches at your desk and see if it makes a difference in your productivity, as well as how your body feels! 
May - Stress Relief
Challenge yourself each day this month to fit in 10 minutes of stress relief!  What is your favorite thing to do to help you get through a stressful day?
June - 10 Minutes of Vit D Each Day
Do some research...why is Vitamin D important?  What role does Vitamin D play in our bodies?  Concentrate this month on getting 10 minutes of Vitamin D a day! 
July - Exercise
Do something different this month...are you tired of the same exercise routine and you are ready to mix it up?  This is the month to be adventurous and look for different ways to stay active.  Or, if you are happy with your routine, try and push yourself a little harder.  Maybe, you have never exercised...give it a try this month!  Challenge yourself this month to better your fitness!  
August - Fruits and Veggies
August is prime time for Colorado produce!  Try something new this month, or perhaps you have tried it adventurous in the way your prepare the fruit or vegetable!  You never know, you might find your new favorite food! 
September - Unplug 1 hour/Day
Enjoy the last bit of beautiful Colorado weather by spending one hour a day doing something outside, or at least away from the smart phones, computers, tablets and televisions!  You never know what you might notice about your surroundings when you take the time to appreciate them without your phone in your hand!!  
October - Get Up Once an Hour
How many times a day do you step away from your desk?  Many of us will go 4 or more hours without even getting out of our seat!  This month be disciplined, maybe even set a timer, and try to step away from your work station once an hour, even if it is just for 30 seconds!  You will be amazed at how refreshed this can make you feel!  
November & December - Maintain, Don't Gain
These are the 2 hardest months out of the year to not gain weight.  Think about it a little this year!  Step on the scale the beginning of November and try to maintain that same weight all the way through December!  Sometimes just putting a little thought into this can take us a long way!

Have an idea of a focus for 2018?  Please share your ideas! Please send all feedback to Kelly Leffler at
Mindfulness, awareness

Quarterly Challenge

Each Quarter there will be a different month long challenge that you can participate in.  They will each focus on a different area of Wellness. 

Quarter 1 (February)- Up Your Game, Motivation Alliance Points Challenge.
Create a team of 3 to 10 participants from within your department, spouses can be included, to compete against other teams to see who can earn the most points within Motivation Alliance. 

Quarter 2 (May) -

Quarter 3  (August) - 

Quarter 4 (October) - Game Break


Team Challenge

Quarterly Nutrition Education

Quarter 1 - 
When: TBD

Quarter 2 -
When: TBD

Quarter 3 - 
When: TBD

Quarter 4 - 
When:  TBD 
Carrots and Money

Blood Mobile

North Colorado Medical Center Blood Donor Center works to meet the growing need for blood and platelet donations in Greeley and surrounding communities.  

Contact the Donor Center at (970)810-6100 for your username and info to get started in scheduling your next appointment via this easy system!

2017 On-Site Dates

Location: O Street - Administration Bldg. & Sheriff's Office Administration Bldg.

March 16th
July 20th
December 7th

Location: Downtown Greeley Court House Area

May 11th
September 21st

Unable to make it to one of our onsite dates, you can go to North Colorado Medical Center donation center.

Hours of Operation:
Monday: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Tuesday: 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Wednesday - CLOSED
Thursday - CLOSED
Friday - 7 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Blood Mobile

5k Club

Weld County has started a 5k club!  The goal of this club is to assist employees in staying active year round!  There will be at least one 5k, within Weld County, picked for each month to participate in.  Even if you are a fair weather 5k'er, take advantage of the beautiful days and come join other runners/walkers/ or even crawlers from Weld County for a race!  Families are encouraged! 

January - Polar Plunge, January 21st
February - Bell's Super Bowl Run, February 5th
March - Race Against Hunger, Weld Food Bank - March 11
April - 5k In My Shoes, Envision - April 22nd
April - AIMS Aardvark Fun Run 5k/2k - April 28th
May - Mother's Day 5k, Fox Run, Greeley - May 13th
May - Sean May Memorial Run - May 12
May - Armed Forces Day 5k Color Run - May 20th
June - TBD
July - TBD
August - TBD
September - Commissioners Cup 5k - September
October - TBD
November - Turkey Trot, North Colorado Medical Center - November 23rd
December - TBD
5k SUnset

CPR / AED Certification

All Weld County Employees have the opportunity to become CPR/AED Certified and First Aid Certified by AHA Certified Instructor, Troy Osborne.  
Pre-Registration is required - register on Motivation Alliance or by emailing Kelly Leffler at

2018 Schedule

June 5th - CPR/AED Certification, 8:30-11:30

CPR Figure