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Employee Benefits 

The following benefit information is for Regular, Full Time employees. This summary is furnished as general information only and is not intended to be a full description of the benefits offered to Weld County Employees. For specific information contact Human Resources. 


Weld County offers 3 dental plans. Enrollment in one of the Weld County Medical Plans requires an enrollment in one of the following Dental Plans for ALL covered lives; regardless of age or coverage elsewhere.

2020 Dental Rates

Carington 500-A Discount Plan; Formerly known as Choice +

To benefit from this Discount Dental Plan, you must use an in-network provider:
Provider list and fee schedule

Carington 500-A Discount Plan

Dental cards may be requested via phone at (303) 744-3007 OR email

Sun Life Dental Plan-Dental Insurance

 Sun Life Dental

Weld County Self-Funded Plan-Reimbursement Plan Only

2020 Self-funded Dental Plan

Reimbursements are administered by the Accounting Department.
County Dental Vision Claim Paper Form

Companion Dental Plan-Dental Insurance (no longer available after 12/31/2020)

To maximize your benefit, use the link below to find an in-network provider with Companion Life:

2020 Companion Life Dental Plan

Companion Life Dental Plan Dental cards may be requested via phone at (800) 753-0404

Employees and dependents who enroll in one of the health plans are automatically enrolled in a vision reimbursement.
Vision Coverage Overview

Reimbursements are administered by the Accounting Department.
County Dental/Vision Claim Paper Form
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Weld County offers benefits through an EAP to all employees. The plan is administered through Aetna Resources for Living and provides confidential, short-term mental health, financial and legal counseling to all employees and members of their household.
AETNA EAP Resources for Living
Life Insurance

Weld County offers employees a Basic Term Life Insurance policy in the amount of 3 times their annual salary. Eligible employees must regularly work at least 20 hours per week. The plan is provided at no cost to the employee. Employees also have the option to enroll in supplemental term policies for themselves and their dependents. Rates for those supplemental plans are based on age. The life insurance carrier for all plans is Cigna.

Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance
Weld County pays the premium for Short and Long Term Disability Insurance for any regular employee that works at least 20 hours per week. The policies provide a benefit of 60% of base salary. The disability insurance carrier is Cigna.

All regular, full time(40hr/week), non-health department employees at Weld County, participate in a mandatory defined benefit retirement plan known as a 401A. This is a mandatory plan that employees contribute 9% of their base salary on a before tax basis to the fund. Weld County matches that amount starting with the employee’s first paycheck. Weld County employees also pay Social Security/Medicare (7.65%). In addition to the mandatory plan, employees have two optional deferred compensation plans to choose from. A 401K and a 457 Plan are administered by Principal Financial.
(800) 986-3343

Health Department Employees - PERA
Employees at the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment do not participate in the Weld County Retirement plan. Instead they contribute a mandatory 8.5% to the Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA) and only contribute to Medicare (1.45%). Health Department employees also have the option to contribute to a PERA 401K plan.
PERA Benefits Information Brochure
(800) 759-7372
Flex Spending

Weld County offers both Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account options for employees through Ameriflex. These programs allow employees to pay for out-of-pocket medical and day care expenses with pre-tax dollars.
(888) 868-3539

The FSA Store Eligibility List

Your Ameriflex card is good for 3 years. Cards will be reloaded annually.
Both Health & Dependent Care funds are loaded on the same cards.
Weld County has a 60 calendar day grace period on funds. (ALL previous year funds must be used by February 28th of the current year or they will be lost.)


Employees at Weld County have three Voluntary Benefit plans available through Aflac.  For questions, contact Aflac representative: Dan French (970) 302-7177

AFLAC Monthly Rates

Accident Plan
Accident Plan
Accident Video Presentation

Hospital Indemnity Plan
Hospital Indemnity Plan
Hospital Indemnity Video Presentation

Critical Illness Plan
Critical Illness Plan
Critical Illness Video Presentation

Online Claim Forms
Aflac Change Form
Wellness Claim Form

Tuition Assistance

Regular employees who work at least 20 hours per week may be eligible to receive tuition assistance for job-related college courses. The program allows for up to $300 reimbursement per term for tuition only. There is a maximum of 3 reimbursements per year ($900 total).
• The employee must have successfully completed the first 6 months of the employee’s initial review period.
• The employee must have an approved Tuition Assistance Request form prior to enrollment.
• The employee must complete the course successfully or if letter grades are given, with a “C” grade or better.
• Termination of employment will cause the employee to forfeit the rights to this assistance.
• The employee must present the grade report and a paid tuition receipt.

Employee Discounts
Weld County Employees are eligible for SEVERAL discounts including:
• Recreation and Fitness memberships
• Travel
• Electronics
• Dental, Vision, Pet Insurance
• Entertainment and Dining
• and the list goes on and on…
Weld County Wellness Program

The Weld County Wellness Program strives to create happy, engaged employees through a county wide wellness incentive program, activities and challenges, and work life balance. Beyond fitness membership discounts and encouragement to stay active, our wellness team recognizes that a healthy lifestyle consists of overall wellness! They offer financial wellness courses, smoking cessation, breast feeding support, mental health resources, work life balance and so much more!

Paid Leave Plans

Weld County offers a generous leave package that includes:
• Vacation
• Sick leave
• Holiday pay
• Bereavement
Specific information regarding these benefits can be obtained from Human Resources.

Seasonal/Temporary Employee Benefits

Seasonal/Temporary employees working 20 hours per week or more, are eligible to enroll in health, dental and vision plans. This enrollment requires a completed paper enrollment form, turned into Human Resources during the initial enrollment period. By enrolling in the health plan, you are also eligible to use the Employee Medical Clinic.
For rates and additional information, please review the health, dental and vision sections at the top of this page.

Temporary Employee Enrollment Form

Voluntary Benefits Waiver



Human Resources

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Phone: (970) 336-7220
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Fax: (970) 400-4024

Mailing Address:
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Office Hours:
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Human Resources Director
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Staci Datteri-Frey

Sr Benefits Coordinator
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Risk Manager/ADA Coordinator
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Employee Relations/Leave Specialist
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HR Analyst
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HR Analyst
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