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GIS Data

Weld County, Colorado maintains an inventory of GIS datasets for public download. These files are updated weekly, and typically reflect the most current information that is available.  In September of 2019, Weld County GIS migrated to ESRI's ArcGIS Hub for data dissemination.   If you have questions about this migration, please contact us by emailing   A few of our most popular downloads are linked directly below, but you can explore ALL of our available GIS data at this link!

Technical note:   A bug (#BUG-000125130) has been identified in ESRI Hub that limits our ability to enable the download of File Geodatabases.  As a temporary workaround, users may download GeoJSON and convert to FGDB using ArcGIS Pro.

Data Disclaimer: This product has been developed solely for internal use only by Weld County. The GIS database, applications, and data in the product is subject to constant change and the accuracy and completeness cannot be and is not guaranteed. The designation of lots or parcels or land uses in the data base does not imply that the lots or parcels were legally created or that the land uses comply with applicable State or Local law. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL ANY PART THE PRODUCT BE USED FOR FINAL DESIGN PURPOSES. WELD COUNTY MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED AS TO THE COMPLETENESS, ACCURACY, OR CORRECTNESS OF SUCH PRODUCT, NOR ACCEPTS ANY LIABILITY, ARISING FROM ANY INCORRECT, INCOMPLETE OR MISLEADING INFORMATION CONTAINED THEREIN.