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GIS Data

Weld County, Colorado has made the GIS files listed below available for public download at no cost. These files are updated on an as needed basis, but will typically reflect the most current information that is available. By downloading these files, you agree to the disclaimer posted herein. Additionally, Weld County offers digital map products (PDFs) for free download, or for over the counter purchase according the fee schedule set in County Code.

Data downloaded from this site is typically updated weekly, but not every dataset changes every week. Be advised that the information on this site is the most current available, and is the same data that Weld County uses for internal and external maps and applications.

Disclaimer: This product has been developed solely for internal use only by Weld County. The GIS database, applications, and data in the product is subject to constant change and the accuracy and completeness cannot be and is not guaranteed. The designation of lots or parcels or land uses in the data base does not imply that the lots or parcels were legally created or that the land uses comply with applicable State or Local law. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL ANY PART THE PRODUCT BE USED FOR FINAL DESIGN PURPOSES. WELD COUNTY MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED AS TO THE COMPLETENESS, ACCURACY, OR CORRECTNESS OF SUCH PRODUCT, NOR ACCEPTS ANY LIABILITY, ARISING FROM ANY INCORRECT, INCOMPLETE OR MISLEADING INFORMATION CONTAINED THEREIN.

Downloadable Data

Layer Name Shapefile FGDB
Address Centerlines link link
Address Points link link
Annexations link link
Boundaries (County, City Limits) link link
Election Districts link link
Enterprise Zones (Upstate Colorado) link link
Tax Districts (Fire, School, Recreation) link link
FEMA Floodplain link link
Hydro link link
Parcels, Countywide (metadata) link link
PLSS link link
Road Right of Way link link
Road Functional Classifications & HUTF link link
Subdivisions link link
Tax Areas (related tables) link link
Zoning (Unincorporated only) link link