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Mobile Farm Workforce

We are looking to partner with 10 farms throughout Boulder and Weld Counties to share in an eight-week pilot project: a five-to-eight (5-8) person trained labor force—a Mobile Farm Workforce (MFW)—that will travel to farms during harvest season this September and October to support smallholder and family farms with harvesting and general farm duties including hoeing, weeding, pruning, irrigation work, fence-mending, landscaping and grounds clean-up.


Listening sessions conducted throughout Colorado in 2017 by Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) revealed that there is widespread need for trained and reliable labor on small-to-mid-sized farms.


The Mobile Farm Workforce (MFW) pilot project is a collaborative effort between RMFU, Veterans to Farmers, and UpRoot Colorado (UpRoot).

The MFW pilot will operate twice weekly for a period of eight weeks, meeting at a central location in Metro Denver and using a van to transport to area farms in Boulder and Weld Counties to perform harvest work and on-farm duties.

A Cooperative Model

The vision for this pilot is to holistically fill labor gaps, prove concept and pave the way for a statewide, worker-owned cooperative that provides trained, on-demand and mobile year-round labor—harvesting, weeding, hoeing and pruning, among other duties—to small and mid-sized farms.

Need to Know

  • The MFW pilot will consist of trained labor provided by veterans
  • The cost to farmers is $16 per laborer per hour
  • The pilot will take place for an eight-week period (i.e., September - October)
  • A brief qualitative survey will follow the pilot to learn about your experience and listen to your feedback
  • UpRoot will offset travel to and from farms via or Terrapass


Dan Hobbs
David Laskarzewski
Lead Co-op Development Specialist
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
UpRoot Colorado
719-250-9835 720-560-0825

Colorado Building Farmers and Ranchers Program

Colorado State University Larimer County Extension announces the Colorado Building Farmers/Ranchers program will take place Tuesdays, October 2, 2018 to November 20, 2018, 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the CSU Larimer County Extension office. This program is a series of eight evening classes designed to help new farmers and ranchers explore agriculture as a business, and provide intermediate and experienced farmers and ranchers with tools and ideas to refine and enhance their business management, production and marketing skills. Classes are taught by local experienced farmers and ranchers and CSU Extension faculty on strategic business planning, managing risks of food safety, managing legal and labor issues, record keeping and financial analysis, and marketing principles. The outcome is to have each participant create a business plan. Additional information and the application is on the Larimer County Extension webpage at Application deadline is September 4, 2018.

For detailed information about this program, please download the Colorado Building Farmers and Ranchers Program Flyer.  For more information contact Karen Crumbaker, CSU Larimer County Extension, (970) 498-6003 or


Colorado State University Extension and the USDA are offering a great series of classes and workshops to help owners of small acreage properties learn to better manage their land. Classes will occur throughout the summer at various locations across the Front Range. Register through the website advertised on the flyer, classes are $10 each.

Classes include:

  • September 11th in Brighton, CO and the topic is Fall Weed Walk - ID and Control Options
  • September 26th in Longmont, CO and the topic is Grass ID and Reseeding

For detail information, please download the Front Range Small Acreage Workshop Series Flyer.


Food Preservation and Preparation Workshops

Basics of Preserving Food Safely— An overview of the basic methods of food preservation: canning, freezing and dehydration. Learn about equipment needed and best methods for particular foods. Tasting included. FREE—Registration required.

  • Wednesday, September 12 at 2:00—3:30 pm, Loveland Public Library

Water Bath Canning—Learn how easy it is to safely can high acid foods in this hands-on workshop. The boiling water canning method can be used to preserve fruit, salsa, pickles, tomatoes, jams, jellies and more. This is a good workshop for beginning canners or those wanting to update their skills. Fee: $25

  • Monday, September 10, 6:00—8:30 pm, Larimer County Extension Office

Pressure Canning—Learn the steps to safely and confidently pressure can vegetables and meats in this hands-on workshop. Includes free pressure canner dial gauge test ($10 value) - bring your canner lid or just the dial gauge. Fee: $25

  • Tuesday, September 18 6:00—8:30 pm, Larimer County Extension Office

Jams, Jellies and Fruit Spreads—Learn how to make and preserve flavorful summer fruits. Covers water bath canning basics to ensure safe preservation. Fee: $25

  • Wednesday, August 15, 6:00—8:30 pm, Larimer County Extension Office

Pickling Vegetables— If you love pickles and summer relish, come learn how to make your own. This is a hands-on workshop for making and safely water bath canning pickles, relishes, salsa and chutney. Fee: $25

  • Wednesday, August 22, 6:00—8:30 pm , Larimer County Extension Office

Dehydrating Foods, Leathers and Jerkies—Drying is a creative way to preserve foods. Learn the basic methods of drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, leathers and jerkies. Tasting and ideas for using dehydrated foods will be included. Fee: $15

  • Wednesday, August 29, 6:00—8:00 pm, Larimer County Extension Office

Sauerkraut and Fermented Vegetables – Natural fermentation is one of the oldest means of food preservation. Learn the science of preparing and storing sauerkraut and fermented vegetables safely in this hands-on workshop. Fee: $25

  • Wednesday, October 10, 6:00—8:30 pm, Larimer County Extension Office

To Register: or Food Preservation and Preparation Workshop Registration.

Pre-registration is required. Class size limited.

For more information contact Edie McSherry: or call 970-498-6008.  For more details, please download the Food Preservation and Preparation Workshop Flyer.


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