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Food Safety, Food Preservation and
Food Preparation Classes and Workshops

Throughout the year, Weld County Extension will be offering a variety of classes and workshops to promote food safety and culinary knowledge through lectures and hands on experience. Class topics will include food preservation methods such as canning, dehydrating, pickling and fermenting and more!

Food Safety During the Holidays

Feasting with family is part of many holiday celebrations. Follow these simple tips to help prevent food poisoning, or foodborne illness, during the holidays.  For detailed information please visit Centers for Disease Control Prevention.


There has been an uptick on botulism cases in Colorado. Check out PreserveSmart, CSU’s comprehensive guidelines on preserving and canning foods safely. You can also access this information in your mobile device using the PreserveSmart app.

You can find more information at Preserve Smart
App: App for Android devices
App: App for iPhones and iOS devices 

Food Safety for Cottage Foods Producers - Various Dates and Locations

Food Safety for Cottage Foods Producers

Colorado State University Extension offers food safety certification classes for your cottage food business! 

Participants will learn:

  • Basic food safety - including proper hygiene; preventing cross contamination and cross contact of food allergens; temperature control for safe food preparation, storage, transport and sales
  • Foods permissible in Colorado's Cottage Food Act
  • Ingredient labeling and disclaimer requirements
  • Special considerations for food preparation at altitude
  • Resources for going further

The Small Business Development Center is partnering with Extension to provide a free class to cottage food producers to learn about business planning basics including steps to registering your new business, creating a business plan, understanding insurance and how to properly protect your business and resources to help you and your business thrive.

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