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Grand Prizes

During the awards presentation on Tuesday we will have a drawing for several awards including: 1) Registered Holstein heifer calf, co-sponsored by the Colorado Holstein Association 2) Large pair of clippers; and 3) Small pair of clippers. Winners will be chosen from the youth registered in Extravaganza. Individuals cannot win the same prize more than once, regardless of year won.


Each registered participant will receive one ticket for the drawing.  Person winning heifer takes immediate possession and is responsible for her transportation from Extravaganza.  Further, they agree to exhibit the heifer at the 2020 Extravaganza.

Event Information

Hoof Trimming

Hoof trimming will be offered by a professional hoof trimmer on Sunday between the hours of 12:00-4:00 p.m. It is at the discretion of the hoof trimmer to determine if a heifer is too small to safely fit in the trimming chute.  You must sign up for hoof trimming services on your registration form! The fee is $10/animal and payment must be made with your registration.

Quiz Bowl

Teams will be randomly formed. Each member of the team must participate in answering questions. Questions cover all areas of the dairy industry and will vary in difficulty. Contest format will be announced at the start of the event.

One-on-Once Clipping Advice

If you need advice and guidance clipping your heifer or cow, we have people who are experienced at fitting dairy animals ready to provide helpful assistance!  Contact any of the Dairy Council members if you want assistance.

Slogan Contest

“Got Milk?” has been a successful slogan for the dairy industry. What idea for a slogan do you have? Submit your slogan that promotes milk or other milk products by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Winner announced on Tuesday.  One entry per contestant.

Photo Contest

Bring an original 8” X 10” photo of anything dairy...your favorite calf, milking a cow, eating ice cream - you name it! One unframed picture per participant.  Two winners will be chosen, one by a judge and one by popular vote. Entries due by 8:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Please also email a digital copy of your photo to Keith Maxey at prior to the event.

Dairy Olympics

Join the fun of the Dairy Olympics! Teams will be randomly formed. The object of the contest is to complete the obstacle course of dairy related tasks in the shortest accumulated time possible. Prepare to have some serious fun!

Premier Dairy Exhibitor

Awards will be given to the top three Junior (8-11 years), Intermediate (12-14 years), and Seniors (15+ years) participants.  Judging based on the showmanship placing; stall and animal cleanliness; stall display; and number of animals exhibited.  Scoring will be done over the course of the three days of Extravaganza.

Showmanship Contest

Showmanship classes are divided based on the number of years of showing experience (do not count years under 8-years-old). Each division may be further divided based on number of entries. Please indicate on the registration form the number of years you have been showing: 1st year, 2nd  – 3rd year, or 4th year & over. An adult showmanship class, limited to 15 people, has been added. If interested, sign up at check-in.

Rookie of the Year

This award will be presented to a first year exhibitor, regardless of age, who achieved the highest point total in the Premier Dairy Exhibitor contest.

Clyde & Shirley Hardesty Sportsmanship Award

An award for the individual who has demonstrated strong sportsmanship in and outside of the show ring, enthusiasm for their project, and willingness to help others. Nominations encouraged! Selection will be done by committee.

Grand Prizes

 Sharon Keegan and Rhys Maxey

2018 Grand prize winners:

2018 Grand prize winners Sandy Keegan representing Wiedeman Dairy with heifer recipient, Rhys Maxey.

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