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Out of State Vehicle

Titling and Registering a Vehicle from Another State
Car on the roadIf you have the title in your possession, bring it with you to our office along with your current registration and required documents (see below),  and we will issue a Colorado title. If you do not have the title in your possession (either the title is being held by a lien holder, or in storage), a current registration is acceptable in order to establish a suspense record for you to buy Colorado license plates. If a current registration is not available and the title is being held by a lien holder, the lien holder may fax a copy of the title showing the owner & lien holder on the front of the title. 
If you don't surrender your out-of-state title, you will not receive a Colorado title. However, your out-of-state title is still valid for transfer of ownership or to establish a lien. We recommend surrender of the out-of-state title because, should the title become lost or destroyed, you will need to contact the state in which is was issued in order to replace the title; this can be more costly and time consuming.
VIN Verification

In addition to the title or registration, the state requires a verification of the serial number on the vehicle, to match the number on the title or registration. This inspection can be made by a Colorado licensed dealer, a Colorado licensed inspection station or a Colorado law enforcement officer. The inspection is annotated on form DR 2698- Verification of Vehicle Identification. This form is also available at all motor vehicle locations and emission stations.

House Bill 17-1105 –Effective July 1, 2017
This legislation removes the requirement for a regular VIN inspection to be completed on new vehicles that are being titled and registered in Colorado for the following cases:

The applicant presents a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MSO) from a dealership. This would apply to any new vehicle purchased in Colorado or out-of-state or in another country.

The resident coming to Colorado from another state can provide proof that the previous title field on their out of state title shows it was purchased on a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin. Previous title field reads: MSO

Emissions Testing
  • If you are located within the emission area, a current emissions inspection is required. See Emission Requirements.
  • Weight slips will be required on all motor homes and trucks with an empty weight or more than 4500 pounds. (If the weight is not displayed on the out-of-state title or registration.)
  • Proof of insurance is required before our office can register any passenger car, motor home, bus, or motorcycle.  See Insurance Requirements.
Moving From a Non-title State
If you are moving from a non-title state, your vehicle may require a certified vehicle identification number inspection or other documents. This procedure may require you to speak with one of our technicians for complete details. Please call our office at (970) 304-6520 to speak with a technician.
Combined Title and Registration

Upon surrender of the title or the combination title/registration document, the state will issue a Colorado title in approximately eight weeks. If the out-of-state registration only is surrendered, no Colorado title will be issue.

Some states issue a document that is the title and registration combined. This document is acceptable if it is submitted to our office BEFORE the expiration date.

Please Note: You may have a title that has a brand such as “Rebuilt from Salvage” or “Salvaged”. You will be required to complete a DR2710 Branded Title Disclosure to acknowledge any and all brands that appear on your title.
Please Note:
If you purchased a vehicle that is branded, then both the Seller & Buyer must complete the disclosure form acknowledging the selling of a branded vehicle and mark all brands that appear on the title.

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