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Watcher Information

Watchers observe all election related activities outside the immediate voting area. Watchers are entitled to find out who has already voted and can ask questions to the judge designated for answering watchers' questions.

Who can be a Watcher?
  • An eligible elector other than a candidate on the ballot who has been selected by a political party chairperson on behalf of the political party, by a party candidate at a primary election, by an unaffiliated candidate at a general, congressional vacancy, or nonpartisan election, or by a person designated by either the opponents or the proponents in the case of a ballot issue or ballot question.
  • If selected as a watcher by a political party chairperson, a party candidate, or an unaffiliated candidate, the watcher shall be affiliated with the political party or unaffiliated as shown on the registration books of the county clerk and recorder.
For the 2020 General Election:
Pursuant to Election Rule 27 (8 CCR 1505-1): Watchers must follow state and county public health guidelines when observing a VSPC or the Elections Facility. Watchers must wear a mask where election activities are taking place and maintain strict social distancing guidelines with a minimum of six feet between each person wherever possible. Watchers must have their temperature taken when they report to any location. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms while at a VSPC or location where other election activities are occurring must immediately report that to an appropriate county official and leave the location.
Watcher Training
Individuals interested in serving as a watcher are strongly encouraged to complete the Colorado Secretary of State's online Watcher Training Course before being appointed.

This course is required under Colorado Election Rules in order for a watcher to observe activities where voters’ confidential or personally identifying information is within view. This includes viewing the voter registration system, or any other paper or electronic documentation that shows a voter’s signature, date of birth, driver’s license number or Social Security Number.
What to Bring as a Watcher
Bring the Certificate of Appointment/Oath of Watcher and a copy of your Certificate of Watcher Training Completion (if applicable) with you to the polling location or election facility where you plan to observe. One copy of each is sufficient. You do not need to surrender these certificates.

Remember to sign the Certificate of Appointment/Oath of Watcher at the location when you check in with the elections official.

If you leave a location but return to the same location, you do not need to present another Certificate of Appointment. However, the Certificate of Appointment is not transferable to another person.
Who cannot be a Watcher?
  • "Neither candidates nor members of their immediate families by blood, marriage, or civil union, to the second degree, may be poll watchers for that candidate” [C.R.S. § 1-7-108(2)].
  • “A political party attorney may not be in the polling location unless he or she is a duly appointed watcher or is casting his or her ballot” Colorado Secretary of State Election Rules [8 CCR 1505-1] Rule 8.3.
Who may appoint Watchers?

General Election or Congressional Vacancy Election 
Section 1-7-106, C.R.S.

  • A political party chairperson on behalf of the party.
  • An unaffiliated or write-in candidate. 
  • A registered issue committee for or against a ballot issue.

What can a Watcher do?
  • Watchers may observe all election related activities outside the immediate voting area.
  • Watchers are entitled to find out who has already voted.
  • Ask questions to the judge designated for answering watchers' questions.

A Watcher may not:
  • Personally interrupt or disrupt the processing, verification and counting of any ballots or any other stage of the election.
  • Write down any ballot numbers or any other identifying information about the electors.
  • Touch or handle the official signature cards, ballots, mail ballot envelopes, provisional ballot envelopes, voting or counting machines, or machine components.
  • Interfere with the orderly conduct of any election process, including issuance of ballots, receiving of ballots, and voting or counting of ballots.
  • Interact with election judges other than a designated watcher contact, except as permitted by the county clerk.
  • Use a mobile phone or other electronic device to make or receive a call in any polling location or other place election activities are conducted.
  • Use any electronic device to take or record pictures, video, or audio in any polling location or other place election activities are conducted.
  • Attempt to determine how any elector voted.
  • Disclose or record any confidential voter information as defined in section 24-72-204(8), C.R.S., that he or she may observe.
  • Disclose any results before the polls have closed.

If  a watcher is removed for any reason, the county clerk must notify the party, candidate or committee who appointed the watcher. The removed watcher may be replaced by an alternate watcher.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Watcher process please call Carly Koppes at 970-400-3150.

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