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Agricultural Exempt (COC)

Farm house in a field of cornAgricultural Exempt Buildings are those buildings or structures on agricultural-zoned property constructed for the sole purpose of housing farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock or other horticultural products.  

An Agricultural Exempt building cannot be used for any purpose other than those stated above.  There cannot be any parking of private vehicles or storage of household items within the structure.  Such uses reclassify the building and will require a building permit.  Any change of use must be approved by Weld County Building Department.

No fees are charged for this permit and no plans are required for submittal.  The only inspection required is a SETBACK inspection.  However, if you decide to install electric, plumbing or heat, a separate permit must be applied for and issued before any work can be started.

The following information is required for submittal:

  1. Completed application approved by Weld County Building Department.
  2. A copy of a recorded deed will be required to verify ownership of the property
  3. A plot plan showing distances from building to property lines and other structures. (See Plot Plan Handout)


Planning and Building Department

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Office Hours:
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Phone: (970) 400-6100
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Inspection Hotline

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