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Mill Levy Report

The levy reports present a list of the tax areas in Weld County, arranged numerically. Each tax area represents a unique combination of taxing authorities in Weld County.

All real estate properties in one tax area are in the same overlapping tax districts. While each tax district sets its own mill levy, the sum of the individual district levies within the tax area is used to calculate the property tax paid for property within the tax area. Each tax area consists of different combinations of tax authorities. Therefore, the mill levies for most, if not all areas, differ. The breakdowns in each tax area show the tax districts and the levies within the area. The total levy for the authorities within an area equals the levy which is multiplied by assessed value to determine property taxes.

The mill levy for each tax area represents the number of dollars of property taxes levied for each one-thousand dollars of assessed value. For example, in tax area with a mill levy of 75.278 mills, a residential property owner pays approximately $75.27 for every $1,000 in assessed value. An assessed value of $7,150 (actual value $100,000 X residential assessment ratio of 7.15%, rounded to the nearest 10) would result in property taxes of approximately $538.240 (7,150 x .075278, rounded to the nearest penny).