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Data Download


Weld County makes no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy or thoroughness of this information. The information is strictly provided for the convenience of our customers.


Custom reports can be requested from the Weld County Assessor's Office, 970-400-3650. Current charges incurred for custom reports are $200 for setup and $50 per hour for research/preparation (charges are subject to change without notice).


This data download is a collection of comma delimited text files containing all of the Weld County Assessor data. A new copy of this report will be posted on Wednesdays.

Data Dictionary

This file contains the record layout for each file. The field names and length are also included.

Data Files

Comma delimited files containing all of the assessor data. Files can be viewed on-line or downloaded by right clicking and going to "Save Target As" and saving to your computer. The first row of every downloadable file contains a column heading.  NOTE:  Some of the column lengths and data types have recently changed.  Please see the Data Dictionary for details.

  • All Files – File contains all of the files zipped.

  • AcctCurrentInvntry – This table contains a summary of property characteristics for each parcel. It lists one line per account, regardless of the number of buildings on the parcel.

  • ImpsCurrentInvntry – This table contains property characteristics for each building on each parcel. This lists a unique line for each building on the parcel.

  • Built_As – This table contains the built-as (building style) in numeric format and the built-as description.

  • HVAC – This table contains the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning choices in numeric format and the description.

  • LEA – This table contains the alphanumeric Land Economic Area (LEA) number and a description for each LEA.

  • AbstCode – This table contains the abstract code in numeric format and the abstract code description.

  • Ownership - This table contains the ownership, address, legal description, tax area and value for each parcel.

  • Secondary Name Ownership List - This table contains the secondary owners for each parcel.

  • Tax_Area_Auths – This table contains Tax Areas and the Authorities that make up the Tax Area.

  • Tax_Auth – This table contains the Authority name, Group ID, and mill levies per Authority.

  • AuthGroup – This table contains the Group ID in numeric format and the Group ID description that corresponds to an Authority name.  This table should be used in conjunction with TAX_AUTH.

  • Levy_Totals – This table contains the Tax Area and the total mill levy for that Tax Area.

  • Sales - This table contains all sales for Weld County parcels.