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Board suspends RV restrictions

Posted on 04/20/2020
Board suspends RV restrictions

As part of the county’s ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response, the Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to suspend a section of county code which limits the amount of time an individual can stay in an RV.

“We realize our first responders and health care workers may need an alternative to living in their homes as they are trying to minimize their exposure to family members,” said Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer. “Allowing those who live in unincorporated Weld County to use their RVs for this purpose makes sense and is something we can easily do to help our families.”

Currently County Code states: Section 23-1-90 - CAMPING: A recreational activity involving the spending of up to seven (7) consecutive nights in a tent, primitive STRUCTURE, travel trailer or RECREATIONAL VEHICLE at a campsite. This activity is to provide temporary shelter and is not intended to be a residence.

The temporary suspension will allow the use of a RV within all zone districts of unincorporated Weld County for temporary COVID-19 quarantine quarters.

The Board of Commissioners approved a similar temporary suspension regarding RVs following the 2013 floods, which allowed people to live in their RVs while making repairs to their homes.