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Why Weld County Is Reporting De-Identified COVID-19 Cases 

An individual’s privacy and mental well-being are very important to us. In order to safeguard the identity of a positive case, we are not reporting the exact town in which a single positive case lives due to the population size of many Weld County communities. If the individual resides in a town with a small population, this may be an identifier for the person who has tested positive. Cases are being reported by zip code to include individuals residing in unincorporated Weld County. This is a more accurate representation of Weld County's reported cases since the county spans such a large geographic region. You can view the COVID-19 Data Summary here

Regarding the release of the names of employers, events, schools, and/or health care systems: If there is a potential for a large community exposure by a positive COVID-19 case, such as a person who has a job requiring interaction on a daily basis with a large number of people with whom they are within 6 feet of, AND/OR a person who attended a large-scale event in which they were within 6 feet of people, the Weld County Health Department would not be able to identify each potential contact through a disease investigation. Thus, the employer information and/or event information would be released to the public. The employer or event host would be consulted by public health officials prior to the release of their information to the public. Remember, a person is not always employed in the county in which they reside or an event they attended.

Additionally, the county will not be releasing case information specific to any private company, including JBS. You may note, however, that in official correspondence between the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment and JBS, some specific information is provided. In instances relating to a Public Health Order, the information provided by the county is specific to that point in time, which provides the basis for the Order. The county will continue to err on the side of confidentiality when it comes to maintaining the privacy, as best we can, of individuals.