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Freeman to serve on two CTSI boards

Posted on 03/03/2020
Freeman to serve on two CTSI boards

Weld County Government will continue to have a voice in ensuring county property and casualty insurance costs remain low with the election of Weld County Commissioner Chair Mike Freeman to the County Technical Services, Inc. (CTSI) Board of Directors. Freeman will also serve on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Counties Casualty and Property Insurance Pool.

CTSI is a nonprofit agency founded by Colorado county commissioners in 1984. CTSI pools together financial resources provided by its member counties for the administration of health insurance, workers’ compensation and casualty and property insurance. Fifty-three Colorado counties participate in CTSI; however, Weld County only participates in the casualty and property insurance pool.

“Making sure we’re not overpaying for insurance is an important way we continue to make the best use of taxpayer money,” Freeman said. “I look forward to working with CTSI and continuing to keep Weld County’s casualty and property insurance affordable.”

As a member of the Casualty and Property Pool Board of Directors, Freeman will work alongside other county officials from throughout the state to make determinations related to county claim settlements and yearly premiums as well as set deductibles for different types of claims. He will also help oversee an insurance plan established by CTSI, which has saved Weld County money over traditional plans from commercial insurance providers.

“The policy is specifically written for counties in CTSI,” said Don Warden, Weld County Director of Finance and Administration. “The plan gives us customized coverage that meets Colorado county governments’ specific needs while keeping costs low. Our involvement in the casualty and property insurance pool has been extremely successful.”

On the CTSI Board of Directors, Freeman will work with five other Colorado commissioners to set CTSI employee policies and salaries.

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