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Weld 2020 A Vision for the Future

County LogoIn 2010, the population of Weld County was 254,230. By 2018, that number jumped to 314,250Predictions from the Colorado State Demographer's Office say that by 2050, Weld County could be home to almost 700,000 people – more than doubling its current population.  

That's why Weld County government, with the help of county residents, is taking this year to update our comprehensive plan. The comp plan, as we call it, is the county's guiding document for land use and development in the unincorporated areas of Weld County. And because we know more people means more traffic, we are also going to solicit information from county residents regarding transportation infrastructure and maintenance as we look at our transportation plan as well.

So please visit us at one of our events and give us your feedback about growth and transportation in Weld County! Let's bring our vision for the future into focus!

What is the comprehensive plan?

The Weld County comprehensive plan is a document that serves as the foundation of all land use and development regulations in the unincorporated areas of the county. The comprehensive plan is different from zoning but serves as a basis for making decisions on zoning and other land-use regulations, such as subdivision standards. It contains goals, policies and strategies to guide decisions regarding growth and development in the county.

Where can I find Weld County's comprehensive plan?

The Weld County comprehensive plan is adopted as Chapter 22 of the Weld County Code.

Why is the comprehensive plan being updated?

The current plan was adopted in 2008. According to the Weld County Code (Sec. 22-1-150 A), the plan should be updated at least every 10 years. The update will attempt to incorporate changes in attitudes toward development that is occurring in the unincorporated areas of the county and revise or eliminate outdated provisions. 

For the 2020 update, the county is considering incorporating a master land use plan map into the comprehensive plan in order to indicate preferred areas for new development, particularly development requiring rezoning to industrial or commercial zone districts. 

When is the update?

The update process kicks off in January of 2020 at the Colorado Farm Show and public outreach for feedback will continue through August 3 when it concludes at the Weld County Fair. Using the feedback received, the Planning Department will draft an update to the plan and present it to the Weld County Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will review the draft plan at a public meeting, take public comment and then make a recommendation to the Weld County Board of Commissioners regarding adoption of the plan. The commissioners will then consider an ordinance adopting the new plan through a three reading process at public meetings. Public comment will also be taken during those meetings.

Please check this webpage for information on the public process, including opportunities to provide input on the plan. Updates will also be published in the county newsletter, County Roots, which you can 
sign up for via this link.

Who does the county want to hear from?

If you live or own land in Weld County and are interested in where development occurs or could occur in the unincorporated areas, we want to hear from you!

How can I provide input?

In addition to attending any of the public outreach events listed on our calendar, comments may be submitted to Jim Flesher, Long-Range Planner, via email to jflesher@weldgovcom, fax (970) 304-6498 or mail to PO Box 758, Greeley, CO, 80632.

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