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Whole Community Consortium Group

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Weld County Whole Community Consortium
Would like to know... What Keeps YOU Up At Night?

Join us! We will help you ...

  • Network with your Community
  • Learn to serve your clients better when disasters strike
  • Learn to share resources during a disaster
  • Be ready for your worst day; do you have what you need?

Remember! “Ohana”- No One Gets Left Behind Or Forgotten

Build, Strengthen, Collaborate = Resilience


  • Community councils
  • Higher education Institutions
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Community Emergency Response Team programs
  • Volunteer centers
  • State and County Animal Response Teams
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Individual citizens
  • Community leaders
  • Disability services Organizations
  • School boards
  • Local Cooperative extension System offices
  • Small Businesses, Local retailers
  • Supply chain components, such as manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and logistics providers
  • Government agencies
  • Animal control agencies and animal welfare organizations
  • Home Care Services, Medical Facilities
  • Citizen Corps Councils
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee
  • School Boards


  • Empower Local Action– Prepare, Plan and Recover as a Team
  • Leverage and Strengthen Social Infrastructure, Networks, and Assets 
  • Local communities have their own ways of organizing and managing this social infrastructure.
  • Understanding how communities operate under normal conditions (i.e., before a disaster) is critical to both immediate response and long-term recovery after a disaster. activities to support community partnerships and efforts.

Contact Information

Office of Emergency Management

1150 O Street
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 304-6540
Toll Free: (800) 436-9276 x 3809

Denise Bradshaw
Emergency Management Coordinator

Phone: (970) 400-3996

Those welcome are the Public, First Responders and Stakeholders.

Location: Weld County Administration Office
1150 O Street Greeley, CO 80631

Time of meetings: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

2021 WCCG Meetings

Quarterly meetings:

  • February 26th
  • May 28th
  • August 27th
  • November 19th