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Farmers: detour route to get to the beet dump

Posted on 10/09/2019
Farmers: detour route to get to the beet dump

Harvest season is upon us, and farmers of one of Weld County’s primary crops – sugar beets – are getting ready to head to the beet dumps.

Road construction at the intersection of Weld County Road (WCR) 13 and WCR 34, however, may require farmers utilize a detour in order to get their crop to market.

“Our public works crews have worked hard to get this intersection completed by harvest season,” said Commissioner Chair Barbara Kirkmeyer. “Unfortunately, the detour will need to remain in place for another few weeks as we complete this job.”

Intersection improvements began in June and were expected to take approximately five months.

“We wanted to make sure our farmers were reminded about the detour route so as to minimize drive times as they work to get their crops in,” said Commissioner Scott James.

Detour map

About Sugar Beets: 
Weld County is home to approximately 10,000 acres of sugar beets.

There were once sugar factories in Windsor, Eaton, Greeley (as well as several other towns outside of Weld County). Today, the only operating sugar factory is located in Fort Morgan.

The town of Mead hosts a sugar beet festival each September.