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Six volunteers needed to serve on county boards

Posted on 10/15/2018
Six volunteers needed to serve on county boardsHave you ever wanted to learn more about Weld County government or offer suggestions on how the services residents use every day can be improved upon to have the greatest benefit? There’s no better way to do that than by serving on an advisory board or commission.

There are currently six advisory boards and commissions seeking new members: the Board of Public Health; the Extension Advisory Council; the Human Services Advisory Commission; the Building Trades Advisory Committee, the Weld County Building Code Board of Appeals; and the Workforce Development Board.

“Citizen involvement in county government is important because it helps strengthen our county,” Commissioner Chair Steve Moreno said. “The work done on our boards and commissions ensures we are continually meeting our residents’ expectations, and it also gives people a greater understanding of county government and a greater awareness of the services we offer.”

As volunteers, residents on 20 county boards and commissions provide expertise, knowledge and insight to county commissioners and county departments on issues affecting their community. Residents also offer suggestions on how county government services can be improved or best implemented so they can operate in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Beyond the opportunity to contribute ideas, former Planning Commission member and current Weld County Oil and Gas Designee Jason Maxey believes one of the biggest benefits to volunteering is the opportunity to form relationships with county staff members and other residents throughout Weld County. He believes that those relationships create an environment that allows for a deeper understanding of Weld County government. This ultimately helps residents to become advocates in the county and let others know about the services Weld County provides.

“Staff gets to know you and what matters to you and you get to know them and what they do on a daily basis. It allows for questions and a dialogue to go back and forth,” Maxey said. “In a very subtle way, I believe you can make a big difference through the questions you ask and the relationship you develop with them.”

An application and complete descriptions about each board can be found by visiting, Applications will be accepted through October 22. For further information, please contact Kara Ford at (970) 336-7204 or by emailing