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Employment Services Complaint System

An individual may file a complaint by either coming into a Workforce Office in person or calling.

When an individual indicates an interest in making a complaint, a trained complaint taker offers.

  • To explain the operation of the Employment Services Complaint System.
  • Investigate if the complaint is Employment Service related, non-Employment Services related or not applicable the Employment Service Complaint System

If the complaint is Employment Services related staff will assist the individual to make a complaint and direct it through the proper internal channels. Staff will either work with employers or state and federal agencies to resolve the complaint.

If the complaint is deemed non-Employment Services related the individual will be directed to the state or federal agency to lodge a complaint.

For more information about our Grievance Procedure, please expand the section below. 

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WIOA Grievance Procedures

Policies and Procedures
WIOA Grievance Procedures

To provide guidance and policy direction to Employment Services WIOA staff on grievance and complaint procedures for the following Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Program Guidance Letters:
PGL 01-11-WIOA1 – WIOA Complaint Procedure
PGL 02-06-L – Processing Discrimination Complaints
PGL 02-07-L – Discrimination and Equal Opportunity
PGL 09-06-P – ES Complaint System

This policy integrates and replaces previous policies regarding complaints and grievances under the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act.

The Weld County Workforce Development Board and Employment Services of Weld County establish the following general policies and procedures IAW PGL 01-11-WIOA1– WIOA Complaint Procedure, PGL 02-06-L – Processing Discrimination Complaints, PGL 02-07-L –Discrimination and Equal Opportunity, and PGL 09-06-P – ES Complaint System. WIOA Staff will assure that all participants, and other interested parties, are aware of their rights under the Workforce Investment Act and that individuals who believe that their rights have been negatively affected by WIOA-related actions have access to appropriate remedies.

The following are the general policies and procedures in filing a complaint. When needed, staff should reference the appropriate PGL for further guidance, clarification, and information regarding required notification.

WIOA Grievance Procedures
WIOA Staff of Employment Services will inform all participants, and other interested parties affected by the Workforce Investment System, of the applicable process and procedure for filing a complaint or grievance. Staff will inform individuals wanting to file a complaint or grievance of the following:

1. Provide information about the contents of this grievance and complaint procedure to participants, or other interested parties affected by the local Workforce Investment System, including OneStop partners and service providers.

2. Make reasonable efforts to assure that affected participants and other individuals, including youth and those who are limited-English speaking individuals, understand the information in this policy.

3. Staff should try to resolve the individual’s complaint if it is regarding the delivery of WIOA services or the WIOA eligibility process. If staff members are unable to resolve the issue, complainants are to be referred to the appropriate agency supervisor to determine if the issue can be resolved outside of the formal complaint process.

After this process, individuals wishing to file a formal complaint or grievance will be provided a Notification of Formal Complaint Form (Attachment 1) and instructed to file the complaint with:

Sarah Bomgardner
Equal Opportunity/Complaint Officer
PO Box 1805
Greeley, CO 80632

Staff will inform individuals that they must provide all of the information in the Notification of Formal Complaint Form, which includes the following information:
• Full name, mailing address and phone number of the party or parties filing the complaint
• Full name, mailing address and phone number of the party or parties alleged to have committed the act
• A clear, concise statement of the facts of the case, and the nature of the violation(s)
• The date of the alleged act and any information supporting the complaint
• The remedy sought

Staff communicate to the individual that their opportunity for an informal resolution and a hearing is to be completed within 60 days of the filing of the grievance or complaint.

4. Individuals alleging a labor standards violation are made aware that they can submit the grievance to a binding arbitration procedure, if a collective bargaining agreement covering the parties to the grievance so provides.

5. Individuals understand that there is an opportunity for a local level appeal to the State when no decision is reached within the 60 day period or when either party is dissatisfied with the local hearing decision. The appeal must be received by:

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
ATTN: State Grievance Administrator
633 17th Street Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80202

The appeal must contain a specific statement of the grounds upon which the appeal is sought. A copy of the written, formal complaint – submitted to the Workforce Center, a transcript or recording of the hearing proceedings and a copy of the written decision of the Workforce Center being appealed must be included.

If the appeal includes the appropriate documentation, a designee of the Executive Director will then conduct a state review. Once it is completed a written recommendation will be made to the Executive Director at which time they have sixty (60) days of receipt of the appeal to make their final decision. The time line of the state review hearing process may be extended; this is determined by the Executive Director’s designee. Once the final decision is made, notification will be provided to the complainant.

6. Should the Executive Director not render a decision, an appeal may be made to the:

Secretary of Labor
U.S. Department of Labor
Washington, DC 20210
Attn: ASET

Simultaneously, a copy of the appeal must be provided to the opposing party and the:
ETA Regional Administrator
U.S. Department of Labor
525 S. Griffin Street
Dallas, TX 75202

The Executive Director’s decision is final unless the Secretary of Labor exercises the authority for Federal-level review.

Discrimination & Equal Opportunity and Processing Discrimination Complaints
For information regarding the policies, procedures, and instructions for any person filing a complaint stating that he/she or another person/group has been or is being subjected to discrimination, staff should refer to PGL 02-06-L (Attachment 2) and PGL 02-07-P (Attachment 3).

ES Complaint System
Staff will refer to PGL 09-06-P (Attachment 4) and the ES Complaint Procedures (Attachment 6) for information regarding the policies, procedures, and instructions for filing a complaint involving:
• Complaints against an employer about the specific job to which the applicant was referred by the WFC involving violations of the terms and conditions o the job order or employment related law; and
• Complaints about the WFC actions or omissions under employment service regulations

This Revised Policy becomes effective October, 2014.

Contact Information

Weld County Department of Human Services Complaint Officer

Carrie Becker

Phone:(970) 400-6680

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