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Commissioners oppose Proposition 112

Posted on 09/17/2018
Commissioners oppose Proposition 112The commissioner hearing room was filled beyond capacity as oil and gas industry employees overflowed into the lobby to support the Weld County Commissioners resolution opposing Proposition 112.

Proposition 112, which will appear on the November ballot for Colorado voters, looks to increase oil and gas setbacks to an arbitrary and devastating 2,500’. “There is no scientific basis for the 2,500’ number,” said Commissioner Julie Cozad. “It is a random number meant to ban oil and gas.”

During the meeting, employees from the energy industry gave public comment addressing the impacts passage of Proposition 112 would have not only on the industry but also on countless businesses, law enforcement and first-responder agencies, municipalities and the state overall. Those comments were echoed by the Board.

Commissioner Mike Freeman said, “Passage of 112 would be devastating to K-12 education, which is something near and dear to my heart. But as important as the energy industry is to Weld County, it is important to the entire state. Passage of these set-backs will be devastating to all of Colorado.”

Commissioner Conway said simply that Proposition 112 is just a poorly thought out proposal. “I can’t think of a dumber idea,” said Conway. “I, for one, will be out there with you working to make sure Proposition 112 is defeated.”

While the commissioners and members of the oil and gas industry both spoke about the lost jobs and the lost revenue passage of Proposition 112 would have for the state, both groups also spoke about the human element that seems to be overlooked in much of the discussion.

“Five years ago, Weld County communities and their residents were dealing with the 2013 floods,” said Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer. “Within hours, the employees of the energy industry had come forward with assistance for our residents in Milliken, Frederick, Firestone and Evans. Proposition 112 is reckless and unnecessary. We have worked diligently in this county to ensure responsible energy development.”

Commissioner Chairman Steve Moreno concluded the discussion by saying, “This isn’t a partisan issue. At the end of the day, the people of Colorado all want the same thing – to protect our quality of life, our land, our air, and our water, but shutting down the industry isn’t the answer.”

Each commissioner’s comment was met with applause by the audience but none louder than at the conclusion of the roll-call vote of the Board who voted unanimously to oppose Proposition 112.

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