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Workforce Development Month

Posted on 09/11/2018
Workforce Development Month

Joining with the Governor of Colorado and the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, September has been proclaimed as Workforce Development Month by the Board of County Commissioners.

To celebrate this month, Employment Services of Weld County (ESWC) is teaming with the Department of Labor and Employment to offer a variety of events throughout September, including job fairs, hiring events, open houses and workshops. ESWC will spotlight a wealth of services and resources during these events, which are available to both workers and businesses alike. For a complete listing of upcoming events, go to the Weld County Government Facebook page or view the calendar at

“We’re excited about the activities we have planned for this month, which will help to increase awareness throughout our community,” said Tami Grant, Employment Services Division Head. “With unemployment rates as low as they are right now, our whole team is working hard to provide services to our local employers and citizens to help meet their needs.”

Workforce Development Month was created in 2004 as an annual event to recognize the complexity and fast-paced change in American economies and labor markets, which puts new demands on individuals and employers at all levels. To compete in the global economy, businesses and industries are more than ever before dependent on the availability and quality of a skilled workforce and robust talent pipeline. Employment Services of Weld County, as well as other workforce centers throughout the country, are instrumental in providing employers with professional services to help them recruit and retain a competitive workforce while continually upgrading the skill sets of their employees.

“It’s been an honor to serve on the Workforce Development Board and work with the amazing Employment Services staff,” said Commissioner Julie Cozad. “We go through ups and downs in our economy, and right now the job market is pretty tight. Our staff helps those companies whose industries have taken a dip, and also people who need some help with getting additional training and getting back to work. We really appreciate everything you all do.”

Employment Services of Weld County is a comprehensive workforce center which connects resources for employment, education and training. ESWC provides a wide variety of services to veterans (who receive priority access), adults and youth, including labor exchange, job referrals, skills assessment, training programs and eligibility screenings for career counseling. ESWC also offers self-service resources, promotion of personal and career development, access to internet tools for employment and training opportunities, GED preparation, and information about both local and regional employers, in addition to other labor markets. Local and regional employers are also assisted with applicant referrals and other employer-specific services. Learn more about Employment Services of Weld County at