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September is National Preparedness Month

Posted on 09/07/2018
September is National Preparedness Month

The Board of Commissioners has proclaimed September as National Preparedness Month. The initiative urges Weld County residents to develop a plan to prepare their homes, businesses, and communities for any kind of emergency.

“It’s important that we continue to stay prepared for what emergency may be next,” Commissioner Chair Steve Moreno said. “We’ve faced things from tornadoes, to flooding, to blizzards, and everyone has a responsibility when preparing for an emergency. This month, we ask our residents to take the time to learn what they can do to prepare for emergency situations. Doing so can greatly reduce the negative impact of a disaster.”

The Weld County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) conducts monthly Multi-Agency Coordination (MAC) group meetings. These meetings allow OEM to meet with the various response agencies assisting the county in an emergency and share ideas on how to improve aspects of emergency response, such as the delivery of resources to first-responders.

Additionally, county staff regularly participates in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training courses hosted by OEM both in person or online. Weather spotting classes are also held annually, which are designed to educate residents on how they can recognize severe weather.

By proclaiming September National Preparedness Month, the goal of OEM and Weld County government is to increase awareness among residents about the importance of creating an emergency response plan.

“As we’ve seen with the 2013 floods and the severe weather we’ve experienced this year, it’s a reminder to our citizens that we do have a lot of hazards in our communities within our county,” Weld County OEM Director Roy Rudisill said. “This is a great opportunity to encourage our citizens to be better prepared.”

Residents can visit OEM’s webpage to find preparedness information including preparedness plans for themselves, their families, their pets, their livestock and their businesses.

National Preparedness Month was developed as part of FEMA’s Ready campaign. According to Ready’s website, the campaign was launched in 2003, and asks individuals to do four key things: stay informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate responses, make a family emergency plan, build an emergency supply kit, and get involved in your community by taking action to prepare for emergencies. More information can be found by visiting,