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Committee recommendations to be on November ballot

Posted on 08/15/2018
Committee recommendations to be on November ballot

All nine proposed amendments to the Weld County Home Rule Charter will be placed on the November 2018 ballot per direction of the Board of County Commissioners. The Board, during their Wednesday meeting, again thanked the Home Rule Charter Committee members for their diligent work in reviewing the charter, soliciting public input and suggesting updates to ensure the charter’s relevance and constitutionality is maintained.

The Board was unanimous in their comments that the charter belongs to the people and the proposed amendments by the Charter Review Committee should all be considered and voted on by the people. They also acknowledged that the length of the November ballot will require voters to become knowledgeable about the proposed changes and what they mean.

Once the signed resolution from the Board referring the proposed amendments to the ballot is submitted to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office, that office will begin the process of collecting comments about each of the proposed amendments. The last day to file written comments concerning local ballot issues (pro/con statements), according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website, will be Friday September 21.

Weld County voters can find out more information about the home rule charter, the proposed amendments and the Home Rule Charter Review Committee at


1A: correct reference to the Department of Finance and Administration and correct the number of County Departments

1B: eliminate the requirement that contracts and disposition of real property be approved by the Commissioners by ordinance only

1C: repeal outdated language regarding original (1976) Commissioner salaries

1D: amend Section 3-11 title to “Official Meetings” and correct grammatical errors

1E: add a new Subsection to disallow convicted felons from being elected or appointed to county office

1F: repeal Section 10-6 requiring the county to furnish the Sheriff or any deputy with living quarters

1G: require public notice ten days prior to approval of contracts for $2.5 million or greater

1H: authorize the Commissioners to make non-substantive revisions to the charter such as correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

1I: amend word “elective” to “elected” when referring to elected offices or officers of the county