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Board hears presentation by Home Rule Charter Review Committee

Posted on 07/23/2018
Board hears presentation by Home Rule Charter Review Committee

A presentation by the Ad Hoc Home Rule Charter Review Committee this morning brought forward nine recommendations for the Board of Commissioners to consider as ballot questions this November.

The committee, which was formed in January of this year, was tasked with reviewing the county’s home rule charter and recommending any needed changes based on committee review and public input. The committee, made up of nine residents from across the county, held eleven general committee meetings and seven public input meetings during their review process.

“This has been the most interesting opportunity. Thank you for selecting us to go through this process,” said Jackie Johnson, Chairwoman of the committee. “Everyone on the committee very much had their opinions about the charter, and some have become scholars of the charter. And all of us are better scholars (of the charter) than we were before.”

The recommendations brought forward by the committee include:
• A change to 3-8(4)(b) to eliminate the requirement that the commissioners act only by ordinance in matters of contracts and disposition of real property.
• A change to 16-6 to require approval of contracts of $2,500,000 or more to be noticed by two publications prior to approval by the commissioners.
• A change to 6-5(5) to prohibit a person convicted of a felony from being a candidate for elected office, or appointed to such office.
• Addition of 17.3 to allow the Board from time-to-time to adopt an ordinance making “non-substantive revisions” to the charter relating to grammatical errors, obsolete language and inconsistencies in the charter.

The committee also brought forward items that were addressed by the group but not recommended to the commissioners as items for ballot consideration. The complete report provided to the commissioners can be found at

The commissioners will review the report submitted by the committee and will make a determination as to which recommended ballot questions will appear on the November 2018 ballot.

Home Rule Charter Review Committee presentation