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Railroad-crossing closures along Highway 85

Posted on 06/04/2018
Railroad-crossing closures along Highway 85

Applications regarding the closure of five Union Pacific railroad crossings along the Highway 85 corridor were submitted to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) on behalf of Weld County.

Under consideration are the railroad crossing closures at Weld County Roads 2.5, 29, 46, 72 and 104. The closures only concern the railroad crossings at those roads and do not apply to the roads themselves, which will continue to be maintained by the county. Requests for the closures are consistent with the 1999 U.S. 85 Highway Access Control Plan and the U.S. 85 Planning and Environmental Linkage Study approved in April of 2017.

The PUC is responsible for reviewing the applications, which is a separate public process. Residents will have the opportunity to hear more information or ask questions about the closures during public meetings held by the PUC before final decisions are made. Public input can be made in writing or online at

The applications are part of the county’s overall coordinated effort with CDOT to improve safety for the traveling public along Highway 85. These closures will assist CDOT in securing US 85 in a permanent easement from Union Pacific Railroad. In January, public meetings were held to discuss the need for railroad-crossing closures as well as highlight some future safety improvements planned along the Highway 85 corridor.

“Highway 85 is heavily relied upon by our residents every day as a major transportation route through the county,” Commissioner Pro-Tem Barbara Kirkmeyer said. “Ensuring it remains safe and efficient has always been a priority.”

To learn more about the Highway 85 Coalition, please visit


Requested closure date for each crossing is 7/12/18. Interventions or objections must be filed with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission at 1560 Broadway, Suite 250, Denver, CO, 80202 by 7/5/18. Include the Proceeding Number in your filing. Comments can also be made online at

WCR 2.5
Proceeding Number: 18A-0315R

WCR 29
Proceeding Number: 18A-0316R

WCR 46
Proceeding Number: 18A-0317R

WCR 72
Proceeding Number: 18A-0318R

WCR 104
Proceeding Number: 18A-0319R