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County remembers 2008 tornado with series of stories

Posted on 05/17/2018
County remembers 2008 tornado with series of stories

May 22, 2008, is a day etched in the memories of many Weld County residents. On that day, nearly a decade ago, an EF3 tornado descended on Weld County impacting the communities of Platteville, Gilcrest, Greeley, Windsor and unincorporated areas of Weld County. On its 39-mile path, it destroyed homes, displaced families and caused one fatality. The event reminded everyone just how quickly weather can change and how important it is to prepare for emergency situations – as individuals and as an agency.

“The Weld County tornado is an event that I’ll never forget,” Weld County Chair Steve Moreno said. “It impacted everyone deeply. Reflecting on the day is important. It allows us the opportunity to remember how we were impacted and share the lessons we’ve learned, which enable residents and government alike to be better prepared for a future emergency.”

To commemorate the 10-year anniversary, Weld County government will publish several feature articles and accompanying social media posts which examine the impact of the tornado on county government and community members. Find out what the day was like for a volunteer firefighter in Platteville when the mile-wide tornado first touched down, learn about the day the Office of Emergency Management had in response to the storm, and find out what it was like for a regional news reporter shooting video as the tornado crossed over Highway 34. Ever wondered what exactly caused that unusual storm on May 22 - one strong enough to create a mile-wide tornado seemingly out of nowhere? A National Weather Service meteorologist provides the answers. And we will share social media posts that not only look at the exact timeline of the tornado but also provide tips on emergency preparedness.

Additionally, there were many lessons learned from the event that were eye-opening for Weld County Government in relation to its planning and preparation for major disasters. Learn about those challenges and the steps taken to correct them so that in future emergency weather situations, Weld County Government can deliver emergency response in the quickest, most effective and efficient manner possible.

Look for these stories and more on our county web site at and on our Facebook page @WeldCountyGovernment May 17 through May 22.