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Cozad to help address air quality issues by serving on council

Posted on 03/19/2018
Cozad to help address air quality issues by serving on councilThis month, the Governor’s office appointed Weld County Commissioner Julie Cozad to serve on the Regional Air Quality Council as the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) representative.

The Front Range has had representation on the council since 2007. As the council’s NFRMPO representative, Cozad will work with other council members to find solutions in reducing ozone emissions and improve air quality for all counties along the Front Range and throughout the state. Cozad sees serving on the council as important because it allows her to discuss emissions issues affecting northern Colorado, while hearing many different ideas on how air quality can be improved.

“We have a seat at the table,” she said. “Issues in northern Colorado are different than they are in other areas of the state. The Regional Air Quality Council brings a diverse group of people together that have different viewpoints. It’s important to all sides of the aisle that we have clean air in Colorado.”

According to its website, the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) was developed in 1989 and then expanded under Governor John Hickenlooper in 2013. Consisting of members from the private sector, government agencies, stakeholder agencies and citizens from Denver and the north Front Range, the council’s goal is to “reduce emissions from the transportation sector, mobile sources, and other sources.” To achieve that goal, the RAQC works to develop state implementation plans that protect air quality and meet the federal requirements outlined in the Clean Air Act of 1990.

Besides serving as a policy-making body, the council also creates and markets public education plans aimed at reducing air pollution. Additionally, members serve as educational resources to other elected officials about the issues of emissions and air quality. Council members also have input regarding the rulemaking process for air quality programs.

To learn more about the RAQC and its efforts to reduce air pollution, visit