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Get involved in county government

Posted on 03/16/2018
Get involved in county governmentMany people strive to make a difference in the world whether it’s through their jobs, within their families, or in their hobbies. We hope you consider this route as well: Weld County has several opportunities for residents to help improve government services by serving on an advisory board. There are many different advisory boards, each assisting the community and county government in different ways. Serving on one is voluntary and requires time and dedication, but it can leave a lasting impact.

“Advisory boards help us provide the best services every day to residents and businesses throughout the county,” Weld County Chair Steve Moreno said. “The work volunteers do helps us decide how our services can be most effective. Everyone who serves brings unique ideas, skills and talents and takes a hands-on approach in improving their community.”

Each varies in its mission, but advisory boards consist of citizens who are relied on to provide expertise, knowledge and input to county commissioners and county departments on issues affecting various segments of the community. Board members also suggest ways that government services can be improved or best implemented to reach the most people and have the greatest impact. Additionally, those who serve can expect to grow both personally and professionally from the experience.

“It increases their networking opportunity because they’re meeting with people they may not know otherwise,” Employment Services Support Specialist Heather Roberts said about the benefits to serving on the Workforce Development Board, one of the seven boards currently with an opening. Consisting of business owners, CEOs, and individuals involved in the workforce, in part, the Workforce Development Board spends time promoting programs offered by Employment Services to job seekers and employers throughout Weld County and the region.

Keith Maxey, County Director for the CSU Extension Office also sees a tremendous benefit to serving on advisory boards. The Extension Advisory Council currently has one opening and aids the extension office in identifying issues throughout the county, dealing with youth development, horticulture, agriculture, and other issues as well. It then provides advice to the extension office on how to best address those issues. While volunteer service may be difficult for some people to fit into their schedules, Maxey believes many find the experience rewarding.

“Most of the people get involved because they want to do something that is seen as contributing to their community,” Maxey said. “They see (serving on a board) as an opportunity to give back and to lend their time and talent to that endeavor.”

Any Weld County resident can apply to be on an advisory board. While some boards are looking for candidates with specific experience, each is looking for members who are eager to contribute.

Descriptions of the different advisory board openings and how to apply is listed below:

Area Agency on Aging monitors all programs for older adults and is funded under the Older Americans Act.
It advises the Area Agency on Aging Department and County Commissioners regarding funding services for older adults such as home health care, transportation, legal services, nutrition, etc. There are 18 members serving three-year terms. Time commitment is four hours monthly and meets the second Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. *There are currently two openings on this board.

Board of Trustees for North Colorado Medical Center
administers the lease of the hospital to North Colorado Medical Center Inc. Serves as a liaison between NCMC Inc. and the County Commissioners. Identifies community needs concerning hospital services. Seven members serve three-year terms. Time commitment is two hours per month. The board meets the last Monday of each month at noon. *There is currently one opening on this board.

Extension Advisory Council advises Extension Services regarding their program efforts and budget decisions. Provides participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Extension programs. Serves as a communication link between legislators, commissioners and residents. Twelve members serve three-year terms. Time commitment is three hours monthly. The council meets the third Thursday of every other month at noon. *There is one opening for a member with media experience.

Juvenile Community Review Board encourages state and local government cooperation concerning adjudicated delinquent youth. Reviews specific youths proposed for community placement by the Division of Youth Services and accepts or rejects these recommendations. Seven regular members serve three-year terms. Time commitment is two hours per month. The Board meets the second Monday of each month at noon when there are cases to be heard. *There is one opening for an alternate position in the area of law association.

Workforce Development Board
are owners, Chief Executive Officers and individuals in the local area with optimum policy making or hiring authority and leaders from the workforce system, education and economic development. The WDB is charged with identifying regional workforce needs, developing and implementing systems in response and providing overall direction for Employment Services of Weld County. Time commitment averages three hours per month. General meetings convene six times per year on Tuesdays at 11:15 a.m. and sub-committees meet 3-4 times per year. *There are two openings on this board: One labor union representative nominated by local labor federations and one workforce representative with experience hiring veterans, assisting them with job placement or identifying their employment needs.

Weld Faith Partnership Council
advises County Commissioners on strategic recommendations from a faith-based and community-based perspective regarding issues of concern. Up to fifteen members serve, including geographic representation of the faith community. Time commitment is two hours per month. The council meets the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 a.m. *There is currently one opening on this board.

Island Grove Park Advisory Board
 facilitates the promotion, management, maintenance, and operation of the City of Greeley and Weld County facilities at the Island Grove site. Makes policy recommendations to the city and county regarding use of the park and long-range plans for development of the facilities. Seven members serve three-year terms. Time commitment is 12 hours per year. The Board meets the first Thursday every other month at 4:00 p.m. Applicants must live outside Greeley city limits. *There is currently one opening on this board.

Applications are available on the Boards and Commissions tab within the Commissioner’s section at or through email, and will be accepted through March 30. For further information, please contact Karla Ford at 970 336-7204 or